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"The incurable itch of writing possesses many."

 -- Juvenal, from the Satires

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E D I T O R  N O T E S

We embark again on our monthly journey from here to anywhere. Sunoasis alerts me each month to what is going on in writing, publishing, and the world generally. There are too many decapitations and not enough poetry. Well, the world is a sad place. I've known that since around 1977 or so.

One of the more fascinating stories is the unfolding scandal at CBS which could prove as damaging to them as the Blair scandal at the New York Times. And the focus of the story is not simply Dan Rather and the fake memo's. The focus is on the effective use of the blogs to get this story burning. More on that later.

Another on-going story involves the practice of outsourcing writing jobs to India and the Philippines. I'm not sure this will have an impact but I have to admit I've gotten more than one query from writers in India and Pakistan about how they can freelance to American and English markets. It does say something about the remarkable world we live in now.

In fact, I've run stories and articles by writers living in India. The only criteria is the quality of the writing or its usefulness. If the writing comes into my email box that contains a lot of errors I reject it. That is the one large problem foreign writers will encounter in American markets.

A former copy editor for this publication used to work out of Indiana, thousands of miles from where I am situated. What difference if it's a few more thousand miles? The difference is an old as Adam: Money. And publishers are very conscious of money. If they can figure out how to get some basic writing from people who will charge one-tenth of what an American writer will charge, they will do it. Even though a lot of editors are pooh-poohing this development it will have an impact at certain levels of journalism and publishing.

Speaking of proofreaders, they are needed on the Net.

Well, as my pal's French-born mother used to say to get us moving, "chop chop boys."

This business of publishing often gives me a headache. I agree with the old Dylan line, "the waters around me have grown." There is simply no easy way. The new technologies put much more material into the database, so to say, confusing an already chaotic state. As I mentioned a few years ago, the situation is getting so absurd you will have exactly one reader for each writer one of these days.

And now the added insult: It's not enough simply to publish. You must be your own publicist and marketer. I admire the entrepreneur spirit of the guy in this story but most of us don't have the resources he has. I think when confronted by some of these facts the one remedy is to have a definitive goal. Build a career on the goal and hold on for the ride.

Freelance writing for magazines is the path to begin a professional writing career but it's a very rocky path. Again, assign a few goals to the path to make it easier. Since I was primarily a literary writer my path was to find any medium that would catch my precious words and secure them for the time being.

Thank you internet.

I did not believe I could turn literary writing into a profession. And belief is everything. But, I felt I could turn it into a path of expression and meaning.

Sunoasis has turned me back into the profession of writing. I have no regrets about it and am more attuned to rights, markets, habits, and so on. I hope others have enjoyed the ride.

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We always run into sites that humble us.

Readerville.com A forum for discussions about books and writing.
Publishers Marketplace.com All about the publishing industry.
On the nature of research on the internet.
Speaking of which, if you want to do any sort of research on your state or local government, try this site.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> t h e   f r e e   p r e s s <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Journalists have been shot and kidnapped at a remarkable clip the past few years. As the terrorists have proven, journalists are a significant player in a war. And journalists are coming out of Iraq with incredible tales of bravery and terror.

The ugliest feature on a journalist is a brown-nose.

According to a new Gallup poll, just 44% of Americans express confidence in the media's ability to report news stories accurately.

Anyone interested in the state of journalism and its future should look at this site by Jay Rosen, professor at NYU. His theme is, "We need to keep the press from being absorbed into The Media."

Are you interested in knowing why journalism exists and how to practice it? Read this speech by Bill Moyers.

Moyers points out that bloggers are like the zany newspapers put out in the early development of the country when the barrier to producing a newspaper was very low. They did serve ideological or idiosyncratic views and needed, over-time, to get more professional in their approach. The bloggers are necessary because, as Moyers points out, journalists are not asking the pointed questions from power. No one wants to step out of line and become "an enemy of the state." But power and the people need to understand that no real "enemy of the state" will produce facts. And all journalism can hope for is to produce the actual facts of the matter and let the public decide the fate of those facts.

What we have is classic intimidation by the extreme wings of the political spectrum who are both very untrustworthy and, with exception, not very insightful to what is going on. And if you give fools credibility you end up in the kingdom of the damned. Or, the fearful people watching the emperor strutting naked in the streets, commenting on what a wonderful array of clothes he's wearing.

Vox Populi. It does no good to berate the people for their lack of intelligence or imagination or need for souped-up emotionalism. They control what happens. Power sizes it up and exploits it. What can one do?

Should a journalist be ashamed of being a journalist?

Here's an interesting contrast between old and new media when CBS came under attack by the blogosphere for the Bush papers.

A reflection on the creation of network news by Edward Murrow and it's possible destruction with the Rather disaster.

This article tries to sort through the lies and asks the tricky question, "what is truth?" It quotes the old editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, "Journalism has moved away from a descriptive style to an analytic model....the story line gets assembled first, and facts are collected second, if at all. That kind of journalism is a swamp in a way that the older style wasn't."

If Sunoasis had an Asinine Statement of the Month Award it would certainly go to Mr. Michael Powell, chairman of the FCC.

Howard Stern is not being "persecuted" for indecency, insists the chairman. However, Stern does not have "the right to say [on the air] whatever he chooses without consequences."

Shouldn't the marketplace decide this? Thankfully, there is a medium that isn't quite as regulated; especially by idiots.

This is the statement that gets the award. The chairman is addressing the Janet Jackson flap.

"The U.S. Constitution is generous in its protection of free expression, but it is not a license to thrill."

What an absurd statement. If Janet Jackson doesn't thrill me but a good play in a baseball game does, is it subject to censorship? I didn't realize "thrill" was an actionable offense in the eyes of the government. Free people must thrill each other until Mr. Powell can't stand it.

Better yet, read the top ten banned books from Book Sense.

Now I understand the fear I had a few years ago that the internet would go the way of radio and bandwidth will be assigned by license, governed by yahoos like the Chairman.

* * * * * * * *

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T H E  W R I T I N G  L I F E 

Another essay on the "fall of reading." The author asks, "has it really ever been any different?"

As John Perry Barlow points out in this interview, print and the internet are exploding with new ideas, new forms, and new points of view. He's frustrated that so many people get all their news and information from one source: TV. I agree with him on this point but disagree in his zeal to get rid of copyright. His intention may be ok but the result would be disastrous for writers. He opposes "corporatism," but the destruction of copyright would give the corporations the ability to swoop down on any property and snatch it up for their own use without compensating the writer. I don't know how you could devise a system where this wasn't the case.

It's interesting to note that copyright came into being as a result of the new printing system that took off in the sixteenth century. It will no doubt change in the twenty-first century but writers should be very cautious about it. There have been a few snags with digital rights and that may be the beginning of a long struggle.

I've always been fascinated by the fresco at Pompeii of the Woman Writer, holding a pen to her lips.

Her eyes tell me, "I write because my mind needs nourishment. Mere reality is not enough. I must aspire. I must love." So, we connect with the woman and all people who have read in the past several thousand years.

* * * * * * * *

The Featured Article in this month's Sunoasis X 2004 is, Write Strategy: Think, Believe, Attack by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

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It's amazing what one or two resources will do. We always look for those resources that have good people behind them. An organization, for instance, that has a group of dedicated people willing to help the sincere quest for more knowledge or skill.

C r a f t :
Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing.
Fifteen Craft Exercises for Writers
The unexploited craft of Web writing.
Notable writers talk about their craft.
The Craft of Writing.

O r g a n i z a t i o n s :
Children's Book Council
Committee to Protect Journalists
Society for News Design
African American Online Writing Guild
Sisters in Crime
Writer-Editors Network
e p u b l i s h i n g :
A high school in Arizona is going to dump textbooks for laptops.
Computerworld looks at E-paper; technical with a discussion of e-books thrown in.

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A T    C/ O A S I S

Yammie, the Cat by Bruce Holland Rogers
On the subway ride back to their apartment, Beverly squeezed Karl's hand. She said, "Let's get off here."
"Here?" The train was stopping at the Rosedale station. They were miles south of their stop.
"Here. I want to walk." She gripped the handrail and stood.

Pelham's Saturday Morning Frolics by R.F. Marazas
He stepped naked onto his moon splashed lawn and had the crazy sensation that he would sink and drown. He did not drown. Too many manhattans gurgled in his stomach, keeping him buoyant.

Chapter Two of Strange Lands and People by Martha Nemes Fried
The week I started to work for China Relief Mission, Gilpatric was in London for a conference. His chief Chinese aide sent a bulletproof limousine to pick me up each morning and chauffeur me home each afternoon.

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Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers

How to find foreign writing markets.

The National Writer's Union has a list of markets that pay $1/word and up.

Job Links for new leads!

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