Benefits of a $10 subscription to Sunoasis X:


Announcement of new markets!

Priority in getting your Questions answered.

How To Subscribe to Premium Sunoasis X 2004

Well, "what exactly is it?"

It's a fuller, more extensive version of Sunoasis 2004. We've had seven years of experience on the Net to build up resources and learn a few things. We are producing a newsletter filled with excellent resource, original articles, and no ads.

Humor, yes.

Each Premium newsletter will be hand-mailed from Sunoasis and not go through any mailing- list administrator. It will be delivered in two sections. One will be the text section and the other will be the resource-link section. That will make it easier for subscribers to handle and, again, will allow for more resource in each issue.

Subscribers will get updates on new markets for writers.

Your first issue is a preview issue. You don't need to fill out the form. Just send an e-mail to: Put "preview edition of Sunoasis X" in the subject line and in the body of the e-mail put the e-mail address where you want the issue to be delivered.

Look it over and if you decide to become a subscriber, then use the link on the newsletter or come back to this page ( fill the form out.

Pay what you believe the newsletter is worth to you. We suggest $10 for a full year of Sunoasis X but pay what you believe it's worth.

It's very simple to subscribe: Fill the form out and send it. We recommend PayPal as an easy and safe way to exchange small amounts of money. But if you want to use a check indicate that on the form and you'll be invoiced for the amount you indicate you want to pay. If there is no amount, we'll bill the normal $10. On receipt of payment you will be fully subscribed and fully entitled to all benefits that are added to Sunoasis X during your year of being a subscriber.

Step 1 -- Contact Information
Payment Type (PayPal or Check)
Amount to be Billed:

If you have any comments or added information you think is needed write it in the box provided.

If you pay by check the subscription begins when the check arrives.

Remember you can always connect with Sunoasis at (925)698-3725

I hope you join us!

David Eide

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