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The bin Laden tapes reveals several things. The crazed bin Laden knows nothing about freedom, is in a rather desperate state, and is egotistical enough to believe he can sway a close election. Events

As we predicted the terrorists would try to decide the outcome of the election in a variety of ways. The decision of the American people should hinge on the leadership capabilities of George W. Bush and nothing else. We think he has failed. Other people think differently. Let the votes be counted.

Which brings us to a second point. The election is going to be very close, like 2000, and the media is going to focus on voting machines, undercounts, and the rest of it. As I recommended in Sunoasis, if bloggers and "grass roots journalists" want to leap to the head of the class they will fan out through the rural counties of Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and a few others.

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The hypothetical citizen was deep in a massive dream in which he was back in the Roman Empire, walking with crowds of people toward the Coliseum; a gleaming structure festooned with pennants and the nests of carrion birds. my virtual space

There was an enormous shock-wave of sound as he went from the dark portal to the bright lit arena, quickly filling up with the crowds who had moved with him through the streets of Rome. Laughter. A man breaking wind. A family eating a meal. He sat there in a row high above the floor of the Coliseum thinking, "I am a man of the 21st century sitting in the Roman Coliseum and it seems so real. How odd." Read on.


The fascinating thing is that the last few generations have been subject to "mass media," such as newspapers, radio, and TV. These had enormous influence on the mind and actions of millions of people. One could almost term it frightening but, then, some of it is amusing as well. We will be the guinea pigs that the future observes as it tries to straighten things out. I won't talk about false expectations, false pride, false hope, false politics and the rest of it. Only that it appears these media were controllers and consolidators. And now we have a medium that could be a liberator without question. This is the fascinating thing, the theme that should be explored by anyone interested in the future. Read on

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  Skin by Robert Villanueva
“You start out as it.  Yours is wet and wrinkled and mostly deep lines and crevices and soft and sensitive.  It craves, with instinct, contact with others; others, with instinct, crave to protect yours.”
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A review of a new biography about novelist Richard Yates.
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  Robert Bly/Coleman Barks interview



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