Submission Guidelines for Sunoasis Opinion

Sunoasis Opinion is published by Sunoasis Publishing. It started in January 1998 and has published an array of person's including The Editor is David Eide. Almost all the work published at is freelance.

  • It usually buys one-time rights.
  • It accepts reprints.

We would prefer if you send submissions in the body of the e-mail. Attachments often get lost or overlooked.

Essays or reviews should be kept under 4,000 words. Send those to pays for material.

We try to decide on your submission within several months. Sometimes submissions will fall through the cracks so don't hesitate to get in touch if, after three months, you haven't heard anything. We don't mind. In fact, we appreciate it because it makes the process of editing the publication more efficient.

The readers of are a varied bunch. Some are what could be defined as literary writers, even, teachers and professors. Others are students in liberal arts colleges. More than a few are writers themselves, although not necessarily literary writers. The editors are dedicated to bringing the best literature possible to C/Oasis. We are respectful of the variety of styles and regions in the present world. We have published writers from India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Australia, Ghana, as well as America. One thing to note: If you are from outside the US, you need to use PayPal or be able to accept checks drawn on US banks.

One thing we are proud of is that we draw from an audience that comes from a variety of professions and backgrounds. We get people from the military, business, government, as well as academia. We even have had submissions from state prison.

We are looking for innovative writing that has a bite to it. We are looking for impassioned arguments or fantastic voyages. We aren't looking for diatribes or any particular political point of view.

We are looking for several distinctive modes of writing.

  1. Opinion pieces:
  2. Personal Essays: Evocative, personalist, complex, wise observations etc. Think Thoreau.
  3. Commentary: Take on something in the real world and deal with it, enhance it with resources, and keep it under 2000 words.

We will pay anywhere from $10-20 for any piece accepted for publication. Poems are usually paid $10 and long articles $20 but it's not a hard and fast thing.

Send your non-poetry contributions to:

IMPORTANT: in the SUBJECT line,'submission/oasis'

Hope to hear from you!

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