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"Freedom is like a blanket which, pulled up to the chin, uncovers the feet."

-- John Updike 

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E D I T O R  N O T E S

We like to think the best way to market writing is to target publications, study them before you submit to them, and then deliver a good piece of work to the editor.

It's not that simple of course but those practices have to be in place to be successful at professional writing.

The two keys, as far as we can see, is to have confidence in what you are doing and to know what exists, as far as a market. A complex system like the writing marketplace can never be fully known. Experience simply pushes back the envelope everytime you get involved with it. Think of it as a vast territory to be discovered and don't let it get the best of you.

Confidence comes when a person uses as much intelligence as possible to gather resources about the subject at hand, and put it in a form that is acceptable to an editor who will pay money for it.

It's a truly excruciating mind-game. That's one reason all writers are counseled when young to steel themselves for rejection. Rejection gnaws at our confidence but it also keeps us on our toes and moving around until we make our own secret pact with ourselves: "Rejection is truly part of the game and I will not let it ruin everything." Advice about rejection is the same as the love affair gone bad: "Move on."

* * * * * * * *

All of the books I read on modern writing impress me with one thought. The writer, whether she likes it or not, is a co-producer and in partnership with the publisher and must do everything in her power to alert the public that the material is available.

One good way is to assert your expertise and get speaking gigs. They can pay as well as a feature length article with a good publication.

I've been reading about writers who hire assistants to help in the query area and other parts of the writing game. There is good sense in doing this if you can afford it. One thing small business people are taught is that it's better to spend money on the talents of others than to try and do everything yourself to keep more of the revenue.

>>>a n d   i d e a s   c o m e   f r o m   w h e r e ?<<<<

A writer acquaintance of mine developed a habit of smoking cigars. She was a comely lass, Harvard and Oxford graduate and she loved smoking cigars, riding motorcycles, and drinking Talisker. When she was doing freelance writing she wrote about motorcycle trips with her husband. During one difficult period of time she came up with a brilliant story. It was how her future father-in-law and she broke ice and bonded. They both enjoyed a good cigar together! By taking this story and combining it with facts and insights into cigars she was able to sell the story to Cigar Aficionado; a piece that featured a great color picture of the father-in-law smoking with her.

Any good journalist will tell you that they are astounded by the number of good stories they hear from ordinary people. It's also true that the writer is part of the people and the writer has interesting stories that can be used a variety of ways to fit the marketplace.

Here are the two truths: The marketplace is avaricious for written material. And the more resourceful, conscientious, and researched material wins out.

One good exercise: Read the past year of Reader's Guide To Periodical indexes or, Facts on File. Understand what the world is attempting to come to terms with in the time you are writing. Today it is Iraq and the election of 2004, among other items. Tomorrow it will be something completely different. Celebrities come and go. There are new inventions, fears, obsessions, and silly entertainments. It all moves very quickly through the fascinations of the reading public.

* * * * * * * *

Good ideas are emerging on how writers can optimize the Net for their professional advancement. Use the beast, use it well.

One thing to try and do is to produce a comprehensive package of clips, introductory material, even rave reviews, store them on a web site and then send editors one simple unobtrusive link with a short note of introduction. Something like, "David Eide here, I'm the editor of Sunoasis 2004 and author of numerous columns, stories, and poems. I think my writing would interest you. Please click this link."

Or, something to that effect.

You can get the more extensive article on market ideas from Sunoasis X 2004 by subscribing today. You pay what you believe it's worth to you for a whole year of resources, articles, tips, and market information.

T H E  W R I T I N G  L I F E 

Walt Whitman is an excellent example of what the writer-entrepreneur must go through in order to succeed. Whitman was rejected left and right, his fabled "Leaves of Grass" didn't sell, he tried reviewing them himself (giving them excellent reviews) but everything failed. He finally began, in old age, to get sales overseas as literary critics began to hail him as a great poet. His persistence and belief in himself paid off.

Another wonderful example is Mary Baker Eddy who founded Christian Science. She wrote Science and Health. The first copies, according to "The Publish-It-Yourself-Handbook," were riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes. But today, it is priceless. Within thirty years her estate was estimated to be over two million dollars, an extraordinary amount in the early 1900's. The English poet, Shelly, published his pamphlets and they were snatched up by politically correct types and burned. Edgar Allen Poe self-published Tamerlane on the meager salary of a U.S. private in the army, and a copy of Tamerlane sold for $11,000 at auction one hundred years later. William Blake was almost completely self-published and deeply poor.

Sometimes there is more drama in the making of a book, than the contents of the book. Our travails pale in front of what James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, and Walt Whitman had to go through. And many of their contemporaries dismissed their works, as the future dismisses their own.

The writing life is one of the few lives that demonstrates the old verities of deferral of gratification, sacrifice, and a kind of noble point of view. It extracts its penalties but it also has marvelous rewards.

For the fuller article on the writing life, try the preview by going to this link: www.sunoasis.com/premium.html

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We only want to know how to do it. That's the holy grail in the modern world. And traditionally a person has accessed resources to learn how to do it and then gone out and done it. And I'm one of those who believes that a new world arises when the resource-hoard expands as it has in the last fifty years. We do more, go more, and exceed the limits that were ever established by our ancestors. That is the power of resource.

We hope that behind resource is wisdom; that invisible trace of human intelligence that knows and refuses at turns. It refuses to be hoodwinked and demands the very best. Unless we find wisdom we will be condemned to be the people who were simply riddled with information and made a plaything of greater forces. We will simply become the archetypal guinea pigs for future entertainment and laughter.

C r a f t :
The Craft of Writing
Building a novel notebook by Vicki Hinze
The Undiscovered Craft of Web Writing by David Walker
Craft vs. Art article from About.com
The art and craft of feature writing.
O r g a n i z a t i o n s :
Association of Writers and Writing Programs
Board of Editors in the Life Sciences
Society of Professional Journalists
Council of Science Editors
P r i n t P u b l i s h i n g :
The big sellers at Barnes and Noble are books about politics and Iraq.
Self Publishing Hits The Big Time.
... He signed a $500,000 contract after self-publishing his first book, "Term Limits,'' and he has just signed a lucrative new four-book contract.
e p u b l i s h i n g :
An example of some sites that compete with large, heavily capitalized media.
Democratic National Convention organizers will grant some of their 15,000 press credentials to bloggers, a move that may help position blogs as "a legitimate media outlet."
A virtual roundtable of "blogologists" says blogs are influencing academia and politics. While blogs are seen as important, the school is still out on whether they are journalism.
Software publisher Adobe Systems is reviving the faltering e-book market by opening its own online store.
The electronic book is one of those technological concepts from the 1990s that seems somewhat of a leftover. It's never really taken off the way it potentially could: It makes so much sense.
M e d i a:
Information-overloaded people need to organize psychic space and quiet time, says a professor at the University of Washington who does not use TV, the Internet or the telephone for one day each week.
Both consumers and media professionals feel they are growing more "dependent" on media, says a new survey by MediaPost. Media addiction is "like an eating disorder," says one researcher.

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A T    C/ O A S I S

"Dancers" by John Henry Fleming
It is said that the Lakas are natural dancers because when they walk from hut to hut or village to village they must spin, shuffle, and slide over treacherous, cliff-hugging paths and the knife-sharp rocks that stipple...

"Writing About Things That Can't Be Written About" by William Stimson
For me, when writing happens in a way that's real- when it comes out in rich fluid gushes- it's always the case I'm writing about things that can't be written about It's not really writing that's happening, then, but something more.

Where Have All the Standards Gone? by Rhonda Eudaly
All writers have a single mantra burned into their minds from an early age - never submit something that isn't in proper, or standard, format. What many beginning writers, and even established writers, find is that there is no cut and dried definition of "proper" and "standard".

Hey, we even have a new literary newsletter and you can get it free if you click here!

M A R K E T S  A N D  L E A D S

Economist/Communications Specialist
Salary range $100,231 - $130,305
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
(U.S Department of Commerce)
The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is seeking a dynamic individual who possesses a unique combination of skills as an economist and a communications specialist. This individual will become BEA s Editorial Program Manager, leading a team of editors in the development and dissemination of a variety of economic and related publications in electronic and print formats. The successful candidate will also perform as Editor-in-Chief for the Survey of Current Business, BEA's monthly journal of record that presents summary estimates and analyses of U.S. economic activity. For full ad go here: www.sunoasis.com/bea.html

Senior Copywriter-- Information Services (Product Detail)

QVC, Inc., a $5 billion company, is an e-commerce leader, marketing a wide variety of brand name products in such categories as home furnishings, licensed products, fashion, beauty, electronics and fine jewelry. QVC reaches over 85 million homes in the United States. The company's world headquarters is located in West Chester, PA.

To help continue our success, we are in search of a talented and experienced Senior Copywriter for our Information Services Product Detail Division in West Chester, PA.

For Full AD go here: www.sunoasis.com/qvc3.html

Seeking copywriter living in Los Angeles, CA or San Fernando Valley, CA only. Min.4-5 years experience in professional copywriting field, with technology based clients. Must be able to work on-site and at home. BA or Masters Degree in English, Journalism, or equivalent. Skills in: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, a must. Marketing experience a+. For full ad go here: http://www.sunoasis.com/monarch2.html

Technical Writer
Company Information
Hyperwave is an international company with an enthusiastic, committed team of employees. We produce enterprise knowledge management software for Global 500 companies.

Our office is in Graz, Austria’s second largest city, located only 2 hours away from Vienna. Graz is a beautiful city with a well-preserved historic downtown and is surrounded by the picturesque countryside of southern Austria.

We are looking for a Technical Writer with one or both of the following:

  • a degree in technical writing or English
  • at least 3 years of experience in technical writing
For full ad go here: http://www.sunoasis.com/hyperware.html

Seeking Senior Editor (Located at Stanford University) Job Description: The Stanford Social Innovation Review a new quarterly covering nonprofit and social sector management published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, has an immediate opening for a senior editor. Join a dynamic new organization with growth plans. You will work with leading academics, journalists, and thought leaders, editing research-based articles on nonprofit and social enterprise strategy.

This is a full time position with benefits. You must be able to work on site at Stanford University.

For more information click and go!

On Sunoasis X 2004 there are market listings for Nature and Environment publications that pay very good rates. Many are directly linked to their writer guidelines. Subscribe today and get a year's worth of resource for only $10.

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Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers

How to find foreign writing markets.

The National Writer's Union has a list of markets that pay $1/word and up.

Job Links for new leads!

If you have any suggestions about markets you want guidelines for, just drop a line


The international Cat Writers' Association (CWA) announces its 11th annual writing competition for published writers, photographers and editors in print, on-line and broadcast media. The CWA offers corporate-sponsored special awards of $500 to $1,300, as well as its own Muse Medallions to winners in 38 categories.

More information on the CWA competition!

Shaw Guide for Writing Conferences in June.


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Looking for a seasoned Web content, PR, and marketing writer?

With a career spanning 30 years and a client list that includes a number of the world's largest corporations, Jeff Berger has the credentials to deliver the results you want on any project. Jeff specializes in high technology, finance, and hospitality; see www.jmbcommunications.com for a spectrum of writing samples. Email him at info@jmbcommunications.com or call (508) 830-3456.

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Journalist-at-Large is ready to write any number or variety of feature stories related to Texas and Louisiana. Just give me an assignment and let me pound out the copy. I'll shoot photos, too.

Contact Raymond V. Whelan at:
Phone: (210)403-0231

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Have a story you want to tell--and sell--but don't know where to start?

Let me help!

Award-winning writer/editor will help you harness the power of your words and make your stories sing! Call or e-mail for your free consultation:

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What's the difference between good writing and great writing? Professional editing. Let me help you get your book-length manuscript into shape for submission to an agent or for self-publication. Structural, stylistic and copy editing are my specialties; inspiration is the energy my clients say I bring to the process. Reasonable rates, timely service!

Email me at gaylv@yahoo.com

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Sunoasis--You're amazing! A mere five hours after I sent in the text for my classified ad I got a call for a writing project, and within two days, the project was mine. Thanks so much for your invaluable services! Debbie Lerman, freelance writer

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