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How To Donate to Sunoasis X 2005

I have decided to keep Sunoasis a free publication. In lieu of subscriptions I ask for donations if you feel the publication warrants it and if you can afford it. We started here in late '96 and it seems amazing we are still here. There is a bit of dedication and vision without question. I always felt that when the full dimension of the Internet was used by any group, any interest there would be an improvement in the group.

I'm not willing to wage large on that proposition now but I still find the medium very intoxicating, very resourceful.

The two areas of that seek support are C/Oasis and Sunoasis X 2005. It takes money to maintain these over the months.

Donations will lead to more extensive coverage of electronic publishing, original material from an assortment of talented writers, better and more effective searching of the Net for fresh resources, along with other goodies.

Any donation over $35 will get a mention in both publications with a link to your home page.

Simply click on the Amazon banner in the upper left corner and follow their instructions.

Thanks for your support. Know that any donation will be put to excellent use on Sunoasis X 2005 and C/Oasis.

David Eide

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