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"To limit the press is to insult a nation; to prohibit reading of certain books is to declare that the inhabitants to be either fools or slaves."

-- Helvetius

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Can You Write A Simple Letter? If yes, you could be in big demand, earning big money, writing just a few hours a day from anywhere in the world you choose to be. Here's how you can learn the secrets of this little-known, lucrative business

E D I T O R  N O T E S

It takes all types to make up a publishing system. And the contract or freelance writer is usually the more professional and reliable of her editorial counterparts. It is strangely wonderful how self-determination will make a person work harder than a clock and a hovering boss.

Too often the contract or freelance writer feels powerless outside the protection of a large organization. This can strain the relation between editor and writer. The editor has a large budget, a generous support group, and many submissions to choose from. The writer should do everything in her power to deal with editors on an equal basis.

Approaches to editors that work: Be honest in your dealings with them. Ask questions if there is a problem with an assignment. Turn in the piece of writing that you said you were going to turn in. Be courteous and respectful of the editor's time.

Other factors that equalize the relation between editor and writer: Possess as much information and knowledge about what rights are bundled with your copyright, study the publication you are dealing with, and understand the art of negotiating. If those are in place, then you will deal with an editor on an even playing field.

Most editors are not frustrated writers who want to seek revenge for their lack of success as writers. Editors want to produce an excellent publication and know the key is to purchase wonderful writing.

I still get startled when writers treat me as an editor on my ezine. And it sharpens the distinction between the role of editor and the role of writer. The Net has permitted me to play both roles and I'm thankful. I think. At least the adventure has given me valuable insights into what an editor does or tries to do.

Well, I am an editor and making decisions on their pretty baby's.

The editor is straddling between the needs of his readers and publication and his own response to written pieces. Most editors don't like the inhuman relation that develops in publishing and really does want to develop professional relations with writers who constantly deliver good writing.

* * * * * * * *

The relationship is fraught with peril on newspapers.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>s h o r t   t a k e s <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Freelance writing, as with all other valuable activities, is a tough nut to crack. I like the interview with this young freelance journalist in Baghdad.

If he survives he is doing exactly what a freelance writer must do to have a successful career. He actively pursues the best story under the direction of his or her own self- disipline. And reading that interview we get an interesting picture. Yes, the place is a mess but much of Baghdad appears secure. There is no substitute for a real person standing in a real place and reporting on it.

That is why this story about Business 2.0 contracting out half its freelance material to India should not be of immediate concern. "Quittner says outsourcing is not a threat to people in highly collaborative, creative businesses such as his."

It does introduce a few interesting scenarios that may play themselves out in the next few years.

The recent proliferation of blogs...has eliminated the Webmaster as a mediator between the writer and reader, turning the Web into a read and write medium.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> t h e   f r e e   p r e s s <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Bloggers have invaded the conventions in Boston and, later in August, New York City. They are the ones squatting on the floor, heads buried in a laptop, with an unidentified beverage at their side.

Does the Net confer some credibility on anyone who has the ability to compose files and upload them to a server?

We look to those bloggers who have done something distinctive.

It's rare, despite the buzz surrounding the activity. But blogging brings the same excellent value that the Web inspired back in the 90's; devotion to "telling it like it is," freedom, and self-expression. One thing that the Wired article points out is the strategy some of these bloggers used in Boston.

Most writers I know believe they have something significant to say. They now have a form of expression that provides no resistance to what they want to say. Their only frustration is that they aren't famous as they think they should be. In this environment we say, "story is meaningful. Thought counts. And good, even profound research, has credibility."

The UK has its own wry observation of these things.

An independent reporter at one of these conventions would stash the computer away in a safe spot and go roam the floor with a tape recorder, a pen and pad, and a lot of background research stuffed in his brain. If he's honest he'll look for something he's never seen or heard before. If he has strong opinions he measures the convention against every sense of perfection the system has cut down. In any case, he lets the convention speak in its own voice, whatever that may be. And at either convention the loudest voice is hype.

* * * * * * * *

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T H E  W R I T I N G  L I F E 

I think it's interesting the way the press bemoans the fact that only half of the adults in the United States read "literature." From anecdotal evidence I had that figure at about 5%, so I am hopeful. One-half of the adult population represents tens of millions of people. And, without being snobbish about it, I bet they are the smarter half of the population. They are the more interesting ones; those who have travelled and given more than passing thought to the life and world that passes through.

"Reading" in the purest form is rarely a group activity. That fifty percent of the American people read literature in some form is a great advancement actually. If, in the next several hundred years, it gets up to seventy-five percent the liberal democracy might be able to save itself.

The fact that elites read some form of literature and the ruled don't, explains a few things that have happened in my lifetime. It explains the copywriters I have met, creative writing dreams still intact, who test out pet theories about culture, life, and art in ads about cars.

* * * * * * * *

The Featured Article in this month's Sunoasis X 2004 is, Tips from the Trenches by Dr. Vicki Hinze.

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For being loner-types, writers sure have a lot of associations.

C r a f t :
A funny review of the grammar hit, "Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation" by Lynne Truss.
The Tongue Untied: A guide to grammar, punctuation and style for journalists.
Guide to writing successful press releases.
Literary Calendar
Research resources for writers.
How to edit your own writing.

O r g a n i z a t i o n s :
Association of Art Editors
Circle of Wine Writers
Faith Writers
Police Writers Association
Teachers & Writers Collaborative
P r i n t P u b l i s h i n g :
Revenues are up for the book industry -- mostly because publishers have raised the price of books. Americans are buying fewer books and spending more time with TV and the Internet.
Another tale of self-publishers.
e p u b l i s h i n g :
The low down on blogs.
The Internet is pulling readers from the newsstand, says IDG chief Pat Kenealy. Two-thirds of BusinessWeek's online users don't use the print product, and vice versa. (IN PDF format)
Blogging isn't a business yet, but it's on the verge, says one speaker at the BlogOn conference -- who adds that Craigslist has taken away 13% of the San Francisco Chronicle's classified business.
A Chinese novelist is formatting his novel for mobile phone users.
eBooks are at last becoming a popular reading format, particularly for commuters, vacationers, and business travelers.
M e d i a:
The Northwest Voice, a California weekly newspaper, is turning over its newsgathering to community members, in an effort to give individuals a voice in local news. Blogs "have kind of softened things up."
According to a report from Jupitermedia, quoted in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal, dollars spent on online advertising will match dollars spent on magazines by 2007, then surpass them in 2008.

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A T    C/ O A S I S

"Dancers" by John Henry Fleming
It is said that the Lakas are natural dancers because when they walk from hut to hut or village to village they must spin, shuffle, and slide over treacherous, cliff-hugging paths and the knife-sharp rocks that stipple...

"Writing About Things That Can't Be Written About" by William Stimson
For me, when writing happens in a way that's real- when it comes out in rich fluid gushes- it's always the case I'm writing about things that can't be written about It's not really writing that's happening, then, but something more.

Where Have All the Standards Gone? by Rhonda Eudaly
All writers have a single mantra burned into their minds from an early age - never submit something that isn't in proper, or standard, format. What many beginning writers, and even established writers, find is that there is no cut and dried definition of "proper" and "standard".

Hey, we even have a new literary newsletter and you can get it free if you click here!

M A R K E T S  A N D  L E A D S

Marketing Specialist/Copywriter
Location: Southern California Great Benefits, An easy commute, and a chance to let those creative juices flow, what more could a hard-working, enthusiastic professional ask for? The California Credit Union League has an immediate full-time opening for a Marketing Copywriter to let their fingers dance across the keyboard for print and electronic media.

Successful candidate must have a thorough understanding of marketing principles; at least 2 years experience copywriting, editing, proofreading and desktop publishing. Credit union or financial industries experience a plus. Bachelor's degree preferred. Send cover letter, resume and salary history to:
Email: jobs@ccul.org
Subject line: Reference job code 200406
Attn: Human Resources
California Credit Union League
9500 Cleveland Ave. Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. 91730
No relocation package available.

LEGAL EDITOR - Employment Law
Research, write and edit compliance books, newsletters and web-based products for legal publisher located in Old Saybrook, CT. Monitor employment issues, legal, regulatory and industry trends and developments.

Required: excellent writing and communication skills. Detailed understanding of employment law, including FMLA, NLRA, employment contracts and unemployment compensation. Law degree or equivalent experience required. Strong verbal, writing, analysis, research and communication skills, including computer aided legal research and Internet navigation skills. Ability to handle multiple assignments in a deadline oriented environment. Ability to work both independently and as a team member.

Please send resume to sschoenfeld@blr.com

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Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers

How to find foreign writing markets.

The National Writer's Union has a list of markets that pay $1/word and up.

Job Links for new leads!

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The international Cat Writers' Association (CWA) announces its 11th annual writing competition for published writers, photographers and editors in print, on-line and broadcast media. The CWA offers corporate-sponsored special awards of $500 to $1,300, as well as its own Muse Medallions to winners in 38 categories.

More information on the CWA competition!

The Society of Professional Journalists invites you to join the journalism community in New York City, September 9 11, 2004, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel for the 2004 SPJ National Convention.
Or call 317-927-8000, ext 207.

Shaw Guide for Writing Conferences in August.


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