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"Some say that nothing is more vivid or memorable than a picture. We disagree. No visual image is as vivid as the image created by the mind in response to words."

- Norman Cousins

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Welcome back! Some changes have been made to Sunoasis. The premium and regular issues have been merged. Each issue will be dominated by one theme but will have plenty of resources to pick and choose from. Every issue will have up-to-date market information.

I'm not charging for subscriptions but will use the Amazon Honor System. I like to think I'm more like PBS than CBS.

E D I T O R  N O T E S

I read an interview in the local paper with a young writer who said his inspiration for staying on the path of writing was an account of Japanese soldiers still fighting in islands of the Pacific twenty years after World War II was over.

Yes, writers can be crazy, fighting in a jungle with an enemy that doesn't exist. But as long as they feel they are fighting a good fight, they will. An experienced writer will tell you that the war is never over.

This is another way of saying, "the survival of the writer and her talents through time takes many odd and fantastic turns." It is true that without dedication your talents will not survive for long.

I don't know if there is any one true way to keep this from happening except to form habits early on and view your writing as both life and profession. And if anyone or anything, including the divided self, rises up to try and destroy it use whatever talisman you have to stop it.

What the writer needs to discover is a subject or a character or a form so compelling that he must do the deed. In the beginning of a writer's life this is a wild thing; the process of development tempers it but the lesson is always clear: Write what compels you to write. When I was compelled to write short stories I wrote them. When I was compelled to write commentary I wrote it. I wanted to write novels but never felt compelled and so never did.

End of tale.

The dedicated writer writes through what Blake described as the "Urizen," the beastly character of conventional wisdom who blocks creative powers.

* * * * * * * *

The soul of writing is cultivated by the dedicated writer through a variety of secret, silent devotions. One of those is gratitude, another is to make the writing as good as it can be through constant revision regardless if anyone cares.

This is a practiced art; about everything in the act of writing and publishing can be a burning acid. Rejection, paltry return in the coin-of-the-realm, non-interest, and severe editing by an outsider come to mind.

Dedication to the art of writing solves a dilemma D.H. Lawrence described as, "trust the tale, not the tale- teller." I've been curious about that phrase for many years. It comes down to this: The dedicated writer is going to tell the truth despite the fantasies and weird ideas he may have about the destiny of those words.

And this applies for any piece of writing, even a commercial piece knocked off in a hurry about the treatment of diseased trees. A dedicated writer will write about such a subject with his or her truth and therefore convey to the reader an inexplicable value.

Everything else has to be there: Writing for an audience, structure, putting the piece in the right market, developing a relation to editors and so on. But to ensure success you need to drop the seed of dedication at the center of anything you write.

* * * * * * * *

I am shocked by how good some writing can be from a distant era. It can be pretty bad too but it is instructive to witness writers taking up their own fascinations one hundred years ago.

Read the first battle accounts of Gettysburg in the New York Times or stuff from the Atlantic Monthly in the 1880's. Even in the solemn, silent archives a piece of writing can live through all who lived at the time of its writing. That only happens when the writer, long ago, passed through tests that challenged his dedication: Dedication to research, to make a story live in the minds of his readers, and thinking about the subject as though it is a lit-up sign on Mars.

A wonderful piece of writing from another era, written by a guy no one remembers, often puts our own period to shame and therefore, the spirit of the writer is happy and fulfilled.

* * * * * * * *

The essence of dedication is to see things through to the end. And it is ironic that many motives in youth turn into obstacles later on. Vanity, for instance, which is a great motivator when young. Vanity will take a writer up to a point of delivery where he either re-dedicates himself or leaves the fold.

The dedicated writer says, "the end is not fame or fortune. It is to complete the project in front of me to the best of my ability."

Fame and fortune should only come to a writer who is seasoned and knows these incentives are simply good lies.

* * * * * * * *

I get so many questions from people in other professions who want to be writers. It's not their talent they need to cultivate, it is clarification of why they want to write.

To what end will you go to slake this thirst to write words on paper or screen?

When I started Sunoasis in 1996 one of my first mottoes was, "You can't compete with devotion." In large measure that is true. Two huge, epoch-making events have occurred since that time; the war on terrorism and the globalization of the Net. We are with our quiet devotion; still here.

And whatever happens to Sunoasis we will always be here because the Net is a huge archive where every devotion is stored for some lucky person who stumbles on it down the road.

Word is always connected to the sincerest part of the mind. Image is the Loki; an unreliable shadow making weird signs on the wall.

Remember, when the shadow rules and the light is pushed back to the margins you might be in a hugely declining culture.

The diminution of words and language is much more dangerous to a civilization than terrorists. We can kill the terrorists but we can do nothing about the vast despoliation of language except offer a protest.

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* * * * * * * *
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If you are a beginning writer or thinking you want to get involved in the writing life please use the articles here.

There are many useful tips, links, and features that can set you on your way.

There is also a rich array of links for every type of writing resource here.

Sunoasis.com was developed with the writer and editor in mind. Enjoy your stay!

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B u s i n e s s o f W r i t i n g :

Increase your writing productivity with emphasis on freelance writing.
Do you think freelancers in the U.K. have it any better? I don't think so.
Canadian freelance writers now have more protection over their writing that is repurposed by publishers.
As we noted in our theme for this month; the subject that compels the writer, makes the writer. This is the story of an vet whose blog from Iraq became a favorite.

B u s i n e s s o f P u b l i s h i n g :

How are independent bookstores coping with the Internet?
A brief on the new Sony e-reader. Make your own decision about this.
If you want to make an argument about why the newspaper should not die or, at least, what it's value has been read this editorial by Tim Rutten.
"What is staring everybody in the face is the evaporation of journalism's financial foundation into Internet air..." An opinion piece by Eric Alterman.
What is the relation between scholars and Wikipedia? Despite skepticism there is support for the online venture and its efforts to fact-check. The problem is that something as open-source like that is vulnerable to any kind of attack for personal or business reasons. Not everyone on the Net is a good guy. And again, why? I go to Wikipedia for short definitions but I could just as well go to any number of online sources. What's the point?
Microsoft, like Google, is going to digitize all the books in the world or attempt to. To quote the CEO of the scanning company the "mission (is) to enable the moving of 560 years of backlog from books to bytes." Without, we should add, contributing one original piece of writing to the mix.

W r i t e r O r g a n i z a t i o n s :

Society of American Business Editors and Writers
Chicago Women in Publishing
San Diego Writers/Editors Guild
Portland Writers
Michigan Writers
Tampa Writers Alliance
The Village Quill
North Carolina Writers Network

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M A R K E T S  A N D  L E A D S

ART Publications:

My American Artist
Pays: up to $500 per article
American Indian Art Magazine
Pays up to $300 per article
AmericanStyle Magazine
Pays $500 - $800 per article
The Artist's Magazine
$200 -$350 for articles
Art Calendar Magazine
Pays up to $200 for articles
Metropolis Magazine
Pays $1,500 - $4,000 for articles
Modernism Magazine
Pays $400 for assigned articles

Here is an index of writer guidelines.


Contract Writing/High-Tech Market Research Assignments. (NOTE: MULTIPLE, sequential assignments available)

BCC, Inc. (www.BCCResearch.com) is seeking seasoned market researchers/WRITERS who are capable of preparing complete, self-contained technical/economic market research reports discussing niches in most PHYSICAL or LIFE SCIENCE sectors of the economy including: biotechnology, chemicals, healthcare, technical ceramics and advanced materials, electronics, transportation, energy, flame retardancy, food/beverage, Internet, telecommunications, membranes/separations, plastics, packaging, waste, water, and air treatment, and many other industries.

BCC pays a MINIMUM of $5,000 on authorís HAND-IN of document PLUS royalties! Typical duration of each assignment is 12 weeks (multiple assignments available).

For Full Ad

Senior Research Writer Location: Cambridge, MA The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) is seeking an analytical, creative, experienced, and disciplined Senior Research Writer to provide in-house writing and editorial support. The Senior Research Writer will work closely with staff in writing and editing materials for publication and presentation, to include, but not limited to research reports, case studies, conference reports, and speeches.

For Full Ad

Valley Forge, PA

Vanguard, one of the world's leading investment management companies, needs a creative, disciplined writer to develop and produce a range of investment and marketing communications, in a variety of different media including print and electronic channels. You should be able to tailor your writing to various audiences, such as sophisticated investment professionals, financial advisors, and individual investors.

For Full Ad

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Job Links for new leads!

If you have any suggestions about markets you want guidelines for, just drop a line

A T    C/ O A S I S
The Acumen for Survival and Advancement by G. David Schwartz
A series of motifs in literature allows us to say, as a general principle as well as an experiential possibility, no one wants to be the younger brother. In folktales, the narrative perspective is generally either told from the point of view of the older brother, or else the younger brother is telling the tale of the younger brothers' death.

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Guide to Writers Conferences and Workshops for November.

The international Cat Writers' Association (CWA) will hold its 13th annual writers' conference in Foster City, CA near San Francisco on November 17-19, 2006. The conference is open to anyone interested in pet writing and will feature two days of professional seminars with nationally known speakers on topics including contracts and copyright, book promotion, online writing, the human-animal bond and feral cat issues, and a magazine editor panel.
For More Information.


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