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  The Writer as Reviewer; The Writer Reviewed
Resources and tips on the game of reviewing books.
  Making Time an Ally, Not An Enemy
Time-management ideas and tips for writers.
  But...What Do I Write?
How do you come to write something? What qualities go into figuring out what you should write?
  The Habit of Art
There is a habit for the conception of art; a habit for the production of work.
  The Blog of Writers
Is blogging good for you? Are you good for blogging?
  Writers Dream
Will the Net era free writers as never before? Maybe. If they work hard enough.
  POD and Self-Publishing
Print-on-Demand and self-publishing initiate a new era in writing: The writer as publisher.
  It's All Happening Online
How to reach it, adapt to it, write for it, and benefit from it.
  Pungent Thoughts on the Act of Writing

  Networking for the Freelance Writer
What is it? And how writers can use it. Don't be shy!
  What's New in the Writing World
Self-publishing; the global marketplace; and the citizen journalist.
  Writers On The Web
The Web as Part of the Writer's Repertoire.
  The Structure We Can Not See
Some approaches to the structure in a piece of writing.
  What Writers Read
Reading for Resource, Enrichment, Facts and Information.
  The Ways and Means of a Writing Assignment
From getting referrals to writing query letters to online auctions.
  Notes on being a Professional Writer
From making mission statements to collecting fees and getting ideas for new articles.
  Market Strategies for Writers
It's all about specializing and making your writing so unique it doesn't compete with any other writing.

  Legal Quandaries for the Writer
Know about shield laws? Know about libel or plagiarism? Read this and find out.

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Jobs from Indeed
  Qualities of a Freelance Writer
It all comes down to good writing, knowledge of markets, and speed.
  Research: A Building Block for Writers
This is an extensive article about the basic building block for writers. Useful tips and excellent links.
  A Writer's Relation to Editors
Make this relation at least as important as your love relations.
  Writer's Block
OK, don't drink a glass or two of wine. There are plenty of ways to get around this little demon.
Agents have become very important in recent years and are often replacing editors as mentors to writers.
Learn this art and you will be leading the pack.
  Cover Letters
One of the most important pieces of writing you'll ever do.

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