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We get questions about forking out money for services like agents and so on. If you are offering a book to an agency you want to pick out one that is actually making its money and surviving as an agency by selling manuscripts to publishers. If they are surviving by getting fees from writers than what does that say?

This Web del Sol interview with Lisa Bankoff, agent, is a good taste of what agents look for.

"Follow the money," that is the catch phrase. Indeed, you need to know who has the money and play whatever game they insist on playing. Old media has a lot of money but it is getting old. The new media doesn't have the money yet but it will.

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Some excellent resources to find and understand agents:

Literary agents directory

Warnings and cautions for writers about literary agents.

What agents really want.

Some advice about publishing.

Literary agents from Preditors and Editors.

How to choose, use, and lose an agent.

If you have any questions about careers in freelance writing don't hesitate to ask!

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