Sunoasis Jobs for Writers, Editors, and Copywriters provides job listings and other resources for the editorial and creative communities. It started operation in October of 1997.

Sunoasis Jobs currently averages between 2,000 and 3,000 unique visitors per day during the work week. These statistics are provided by ValueWeb.

The people who come to Sunoasis Jobs can be described as content providers of every age and experience. It includes

The vast majority are highly educated and live in all parts of the United States, North America, and the world.

Employers come from print publications, corporations, ad agencies, and new media companies.

Why Advertise on Sunoasis Jobs?
Sunoasis Jobs has an excellent reputation among the writing, creative community. It strives for integrity and service to those looking for job leads and career development advice. Every week thousands of people come through the pages looking for jobs, job leads, advice, and services provided by advertisers. To be part of Sunoasis Jobs is to be part of an Internet tradition!

The core idea behind Sunoasis Jobs is that the Net equalizes the process of getting good jobs and good employees. Sunoasis Jobs offers the community of writers more opportuntity to become resourceful as possible in looking for a job and/or career. Employers looking to find candidates have a great pool of talent to draw from; at a very low cost!

One click from Sunoasis Jobs is Cyber Search, a tutorial that gives people the tools necessary to conduct their own job search.

Sunoasis Jobs wants to ensure that each person who comes through is better prepared and informed than before they entered the site.

Employers list jobs with Sunoasis Jobs because they know they're going to get quality resumes and samples from the writing community. There is timely listing in an attractive format.

Sunoasis Jobs has been optimized for the major search engines and is consistently rated in the top 5 sites on Google and Yahoo. Put "writing jobs" or "writer jobs" in any search engine and see what pops up!

Sunoasis Jobs is on the "must see" links by many journalism and writing resource sites.

It is always changing and evolving along the path of resource and efficiency. We change to optimize the experience!

Sunoasis Jobs is located at: www.sunoasis.com

David Eide is the publisher of Sunoasis Jobs and can be contacted at:

491 Moraga Way
Orinda, CA 94563
E-mail: sunoasisjobs@earthlink.net
Phone: (925)324-9984

Sunoasis Jobs is frequently commended by its patrons for delivering timely ads to those looking for leads. The comments have ranged from, "This site rocks!" to "This site has made me thousands of dollars." It is bookmarked and used as a start page for many who frequent it.

If you want to place an ad read the rates below and the simple instructions on ad placement. Thanks for considering Sunoasis Jobs for your advertising needs!

David Eide


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Index Page:     -----------       $100/month           $125/month 
Freelance Page: $125/month        $100/month           $125/month
Job Posting:    $125/month        $100/month           $125/month
Job Listings:   $125/month        $100/month           $125/month
Online Page:    $125/month        $100/month           $125/month
Regional Pages: $125/month         $50/month            $75/month
Career Page:    $125/month         $35/month            $50/month

These rates are based on $6/CPM

Please keep banners 15k and under.

To place an ad simply prepare the banner, send it to sunoasisjobs@earthlink.net with instructions of where you wish to place it. Please include address or FAX number so you may be invoiced in a timely manner.

Sunoasis Jobs reserves the right to refuse any ad submitted to it.

Sunoasis Jobs is pleased to make the process of placing ads as easy as possible. Don't hesitate to ask questions!

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