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"I shall live bad if I do not write, and I shall write bad if I do not live."

-- Françoise Sagan


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Welcome back! Some changes have been made to Sunoasis. The premium and regular issues have been merged. Each issue will be dominated by one theme but will have plenty of resources to pick and choose from. Every issue will have up-to-date market information.

I'm not charging for subscriptions but will use the Amazon Honor System. I like to think I'm more like PBS than CBS.

E D I T O R  N O T E S

In the heat of the unbearable days several things occurred to me:

Writers must use the new and old with equal skill.

New markets appear, old markets die in the bits and bytes of the new era.

All kinds of original writing can be put on the Net to find audience, increase credibility, gain confidence on a new and not-going-away medium in a variety of ways. Blogs, for instance. If not blogs, then columns as I write on Sunoasis.com. And, by the way, a writer can offer to readers a print-on-demand copy in real space/time for those who like the security of holding a tangible object in their hands.

And the mainstream publishing system with all its magazines, book publishers, newspapers, and newsletters chugs along despite all the taunting they are subject to.

They are, happily, not toast and the writer is advantaged as a result. In fact, the writer becomes a crucial actor in the remaking of the literary system.

At the peak of the hottest day in July I remembered an old trick from childhood. You simply strip to your underwear, turn on a hose, and squirt it skyward right above you and let the fiery cold water fall down on you. I thought, as the water plucked down on my closed eyes, "if you aren't going to be a Stephen King or Tom Clancy why would you even enter into the mainstream publishing system?" I didn't answer my own question feeling goosey and cool in the burning heat of a bad California summer.

Well, there are career advantages to publishing in the mainstream.

We are fast on the "long tail" as explained by Chris Anderson. The marketplace is moving from the head down into this long, sleek, wonderful tail filled with niches, mini-niches, sub-sub-niches all the way down to the one guy who does what he wants on the internet and gets nice notes from women in Istanbul. In other words, when the poet becomes a millionaire know that the pyramid has been turned upside down and we are in a new era.

This head is rather dizzy and perplexed by the sudden power of its tail.

We are on that tail dancing like drunken bees who have smelled the nectar from some heavenly bloom.

Enjoy this month's issue. It's organized a bit differently but its usual resourceful self.

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	T R E N D S   I N   T H E   M A R K E T P L A C E

One of the hottest items in magazine titles is "parenting."

And some of the coolest are business publications.

Baby-boomers and those who write for that demographic might be interested to know that, as a group, they carry $2 trillion in annual spending power. Ergo, new magazines like GeezerJock that target a bit of this largesse.

A new travel web site is coming on line. It's targeted for affluent travelers. The founder is the former editor in chief of Yahoo! Internet Life magazine. He says, "All of us print guys who have found perches in the online world are happy, because that is where the future is." Did new car owners yell out in derision as they passed men on horseback?

Who are the most influential women? Those who read the Wall Street Journal. And the WSJ is reorganizing its fashion and style reporters as it lays the groundwork for a new fashion and design bureau.

We mentioned "The Long Tail," and this is a review of it. It's a dangerous time to be a passive writer. She needs to actually pursue and, in some cases, help create new markets.

"The self-publishing success of Lulu.com is another cited by Anderson to make the point the Long Tail equates to infinite choice. Our interests, says a media analyst quoted in the book, have always been fragmented. But those scattered desires have not, in the past, been met. We have been told what we like."

P R I N T   F I G H T S   F O R   S U R V I V A L

It will survive. But it will be marginalized and may end up, ironically, a status symbol in the future since print will be expensive and produced for the elite's. It could, who knows?

One thing is certain: the churn in writing markets is going to be like the white-water of the Rogue River.

All published reports tell me that print has money, is still supporting large staffs, pays out to contract writers, and doesn't intend to leave the scene without a fight.

The young are instructive. Students who have questions here ask a lot about working for magazines. None ask about newspaper jobs. The young avoid the dying it seems.

The newspaper may end up serving very localized markets just as trains serve markets inaccessible for air traffic.

I mentioned to someone recently that the key to power is to capture the 14-year old girl market. Go ask the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Stephen King about that. Lord help us if a Hitler comes around and the 14-year old girls are screaming nuttily for his presence. Anyway the 14-year old girls are not reading magazines like they used to but are reading web sites.

Real-time gossip is quite popular on the blogosphere and perhaps ends the run of weekly print rags. And what will we read at the check-out counter?

Newspapers are starting to adapt to the internet. The buzz phrase now is, "Journalism is a conversation." Of course, there is a difference between baby-talk, teen-babble, techie-arrogance, hate-talk, screamie-jeebies, stupid mumbling and other types of conversation.

But, yes, it is a conversation.

Many media execs can't admit that they will have to explore the possibility that there are more reader-friendly and cost-efficient ways to produce their content than in print, writes Scott Donaton. "The day will come when a print-to-digital conversion is feasible. Could be two years, could be 10."

The head of the snake is always the last to know.

W H I L E   T E C H   L A Y S   D O W N   A   F L A T - L I N E

Writers have every right to be fascinated and involved in the internet since it's the first new major technical innovation that directly impacts writing and publishing. Cars, TV, movies, among other items of interest either had no, little, or negative impacts on writing and publishing. But, the internet is shaking the old pumpkin with wicked ease. And we all live inside an old pumpkin.

This paper by Gregory Rawlins of the University of Indiana is over fifteen years old but is one of the best surveys of the future of publishing technology. It is a long survey but useful for anyone interested in getting a full background on some of the impacts he forecast in the early-90's.

An "Espresso Book Machine" is being tested at a bookstore in Washington D.C. It can print and bind whole books in under five minutes. Cost=one penny per page. However, the book machine itself costs $100,000 so don't go looking for it anytime soon.

Apple is rumored to be developing an iPod with a reader-friendly screen. We know how sensitive Apple is with secrets. An "iPod for reading" would be "a huge advantage for us," says Slate editor Jacob Weisberg.

Futurologist Ian Pearson says, "The magazine -- a few pieces of paper glued together -- isn't going to be what you're doing in a few years time." He recommends for publishers to personify content and surrender to the available technology.

Have you ever heard of Digg?

>>>>>>>>>>>>> I N T E R L U D E <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

There are terrific writing resource sites online: Here is the Sunoasis.com top five writing resource sites.

  1. WritersWrite
  2. MediaBistro
  3. BellaOnline Writing Site
  4. Writing-World.com
  5. Writers Market
>>>>>>>>>>>>> I N T E R L U D E <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
E V E R Y M A N   I S   A   J O U R N A L I S T

No, everyman is a potential journalist, actualized by someone who devotes herself to the task and is paid for the effort.

Wide-spread interest continues about "citizen journalists." At first I thought it was a cynical attempt on the part of editors and publishers to get a lot of very cheap content.

That is a shadow of the effort.

There are some very devoted, professional, conscientious editors and writers who want to ply their trade away from the pressures of commercial publishing.

That is the potential light of the effort. Time will tell.

New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen explains his new venture NewAssignment.net that aims to produce "great journalism," as well as "new ways for journalists to earn a living."

This article from Corante delves into the same subject. There is something intriguing about professional journalists running the show, sans the corporation always fearful of bad reactions by stockholders and advertisers. It's worth the try.

Some of the most aggressive celebrity reporting is now done on the Internet, writes Jeannette Walls. Bloggers make "dingy newsprint" seem "so last millennium."

S t o r i e s   W i t h    A   M e s s a g e 

This is a powerful story by Spoon Jackson, a lifer in the California Penal System about the significance of words. And isn't it interesting that a convict, whose freedom has been lost, is more in touch with and aware of the necessity to know words than the ignorant, illiterate people who run around like they are owed freedom. Very instructive.

       [ CODA ]

Enlightened teachers I had in grade school made the kids study the newspaper. We were assigned one story either in features, front page, editorial, local, sports, or business. The students had to clip the story out, research it, and take the clipping to class and explain its meaning.

The newspaper is the last vestige of something good and excellent in the life of a democracy. The function of the newspaper was to make sure everyone reading it got a little bit of what was going on in the community, whether they cared or not.

If that is passing then something great and crucial is passing and it is the responsibility of the new media to figure out how to get readers/watchers to think as though they belong to a large, diverse, complex community.

So much depends on the news. Here are the best places to get a variety of news:

  1. The World Press
  2. Memeorandum
  3. Real Clear Politics


If you are a beginning writer or thinking you want to get involved in the writing life please use the articles here.

There are many useful tips, links, and features that can set you on your way.

There is also a rich array of links for every type of writing resource here.

Sunoasis.com was developed with the writer and editor in mind. Enjoy your stay!

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B u s i n e s s o f W r i t i n g :

Looking for books that answer marketing and publishing questions?

Book coaches, consultants and packagers.

These are software package reviews of programs available to writers to help organize projects. I can't recommend any of them except as a stimulus to use the tools you already have to develop effective ways to organize your writing life.

W r i t e r O r g a n i z a t i o n s :

Broadcast Education Association
FACSNET: "Better journalism through education."
International Communication Association
JourNet: Global Network for Professional Education in Journalism and Media.
Media Bloggers Association
National Association of Hispanic Journalists
Student Press Law Center

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M A R K E T S  A N D  L E A D S

Air & Space Magazine
Pays $1500 - $3000 per article
Air Line Pilot
Pays $100 - $600 per assigned article
Aviation History
Pays $300 for articles
General Aviation News
Pays up to $500 per article
Plane and Pilot
Pays $200 - $500 for articles
Professional Pilot
Pays $200 - $1000 per article

Here is an index of writer guidelines.

JOBS Writer Vanguard Valley Forge, PA

Vanguard, one of the world's largest investment management companies, seeks a strong writer to create and/or revise text in proposals for prospective Institutional clients, and to assist in managing the database that stores responses to questions in Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

You'll write clear, concise text, or revise existing text that answers questions in the RFP database making sure that database content is current and accurate. Your style and language should comply with accepted Vanguard standards. You'll help maintain the database by communicating with subject matter experts on a regular schedule and revising the content as necessary, and you'll assist in editing ad hoc responses. You'll gather feedback from editors, editorial managers, subject matter experts, and any other appropriate reviewers and be expected to work collaboratively with experts across the company.

For Full Ad.

Location: Telecommute
Immediate Opening! Top Dollar paid.
Author business workbooks on managing---50-75 pages per workbook-- this is multiple workbooks assignment.

For Full Ad

Sr. Editor - San Francisco Bay Area, Peninsula

Our client provides marketing content and custom publishing to hi tech clients such as IBM, Intel and SAP. We are looking for a Sr. Editor to add to the team that provides quality assurance for all projects. Editors handle a variety of marketing content and many types of projects because of the varied nature of the clients and their products.

Since our clients demand quality, an important skill for a Senior Editor is the ability to focus on details. Most senior editors describe themselves as perfectionists. They spot inconsistencies, typos, and split infinitives at a glance. And most importantly, senior editors contribute their editorial knowledge and expertise to help clients communicate their messages clearly and effectively to the marketplace. Responsibilities include:

Perform developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading of high-tech content for a wide range of marketing deliverables including feature stories, customer success stories, white papers, brochures, newsletters, Web content, magazine articles, and product-oriented materials for a high-level business audience

Provide editorial guidance to help writers create compelling, innovative, and targeted content for clients Work with managing writers/editors and project managers to help ensure that schedules and processes meet client expectations

For Full Ad

Contract Writing/High-Tech Market Research Assignments. (NOTE: MULTIPLE, sequential assignments available)

BCC, Inc. (www.BCCResearch.com) is seeking seasoned market researchers/WRITERS who are capable of preparing complete, self-contained technical/economic market research reports discussing niches in most PHYSICAL or LIFE SCIENCE sectors of the economy including: biotechnology, chemicals, healthcare, technical ceramics and advanced materials, electronics, transportation, energy, flame retardancy, food/beverage, Internet, telecommunications, membranes/separations, plastics, packaging, waste, water, and air treatment, and many other industries.

Applicants must have excellent knowledge of their chosen industry and excellent economic/market research skills. Successful applicants must be able to meet publication deadlines and adhere closely to finished copy format requirements which are supplied by the publisher (see Author Guide downloadable from http://bccresearch.com/guide).

BCC pays a MINIMUM of $5,000 on author’s HAND-IN of document PLUS royalties!

For Full Ad

Staff Writers Needed
Washington D.C. area

LRP Publications is a thriving publisher of business-to-business newsletters, magazines, books, software, online services and more. In business for 29 years, we are recognized as the leader in many legal and professional markets.

We currently have 2 available staff writer positions in our Rosslyn, VA office. First, we are seeking a reporter to cover education issues on Capitol Hill for daily print and Web-based publication, Education Daily. We need people who can cultivate and report news quickly and accurately.

The second staff writer position will cover Congress, the White House, federal agencies, associations, think tanks and experts for LRP's Federal Group products that service the federal human resources, labor relations and workers' compensation communities. Foremost among these products is the Web site, cyberFEDS®.

For Full Ad

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Job Links for new leads!

If you have any suggestions about markets you want guidelines for, just drop a line

A T    C/ O A S I S
by Roy A. Barnes

Love has many prices. One of them is accepting the imperfections of the person, place, or thing that has found its way into your heart. The sum of my love of the many geographical twists and turns that make London what it is, is made more complicated by my uncanny ability to get lost when blazing a new trail for myself and anyone with me.

DIVA by Elizabeth Varadan
"It’ll be nice to see my grandbabies," Renee chattered nervously. Since they’d left the bus depot the taxi driver had only made noncommittal grunts to her comments.

"Six months old," said Renee. "Twins. A boy and a girl." Rose had sent her a picture with the birth announcement. They both had shocks of dark hair like her daughter’s above their wrinkled faces.

Three Poems by Lamont Palmer
Reflections on Possible Waywardness
A Tilghman Island Tale

On The Rocks by Liam Rands
“Are all bodies this heavy?” Brad asked. He struggled to maintain his grip around Wayne’s thick legs.

“He’s a dead weight alright.” Todd chuckled. He looked down at the overweight man they carried between them. “It’s all those chocolate cookies the kids in his class make for him. They stick like lead to his waist.”

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The international Cat Writers' Association (CWA) will hold its 13th annual writers' conference in Foster City, CA near San Francisco on November 17-19, 2006. The conference is open to anyone interested in pet writing and will feature two days of professional seminars with nationally known speakers on topics including contracts and copyright, book promotion, online writing, the human-animal bond and feral cat issues, and a magazine editor panel.
For More Information.

Squaw Valley Community of Writers

Olympic Valley, CA
July 22- July 29, 2006 (for poetry)
August 5 - August 12, 2006

Green Lake Writers Conference

Green Lake, WI
August 5- August 12, 2006

Mid-Atlantic Creative Nonfiction Writers' Conference

Goucher College
Baltimore, MD
August 9- August 14, 2006

Bread Loaf Writers' Conference

Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT
August 16 - August 27, 2006


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