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If nothing else the 12-week-old Hollywood writers strike is answering the question, "just how much are writer's worth to the TV and movie industry?" Writers are like the mothers of the Earth. They do all the work, create life, and yet are given very little credit and taken for granted. But if mothers were to go on strike or, even, disappear?

January 31, 2008

Have you thought about the 20 jobs that are better and/or worse than you think? HR World editors have. A public relations executive is worse than you thought, according to the good editors. But a freelance writer is better as is the journalist.

January 29, 2008

Do you have some outdated job search beliefs? This career strategy adviser penetrates a few beliefs you might carry into the job market. Among some of the myths are "don't try to change careers after 40" and "you have to be a salesman to get ahead today."

Check it out. It may make you re-evaluate some of your assumptions.

January 28, 2008

Is there a "burnout factor" among journalists? According to one study one-quarter of the journalists said they were leaving the profession.

"Among the biggest reasons for the high rate of burnout were low salaries, long and undesirable hours, and stress."

And where does a journalist go after serving time on a newspaper? Freelance writing, PR, or back to academia to teach. If I were a young person wanting to go into the newspaper profession I would be encouraged by the fact that you can change professions, even at the ripe old age of 41 and half years old. There does seem to be something about a person's early 40's that gives them perspective. A whole lot of journalists 40 and over, have been forced out of their jobs by downsizing, contract buy-outs and so forth.

January 26, 2008

There's never a shortage of advice about how to write resumes. This long piece from readexpress.com encourages applicants to "tell a story."

"Today, conveying a distinctive, compelling career tale with your give-me-a-job documents is becoming increasingly important, since the number of resumes posted online is staggering."

If you're a Brit looking for an internship you might find this article on Projects Abroad interesting.

January 16, 2008

Freelance writers can benefit from looking at some of these hot career trends for 2008 (which includes freelancing) to find hot new markets for their writing.

January 11, 2008

There are a lot of job cuts to report. Up to 1,000 employees at Time Warner's Warner Bros. studio in Burbank, Calif., could be laid off after Friday as a result of the Hollywood writers strike. McGraw-Hill, the parent of BusinessWeek magazine and the Standard & Poor's credit rating agency, is eliminating 611 jobs to reduce costs and boost shareholder returns. The Chicago Sun-Times has pending staff cuts that will pare editorial positions by 19%, the largest local newsroom layoff in recent memory. And the Seattle Times plans to reduce its work force by 86 positions, mostly through attrition, to aid its financial struggles.

CareerBuilder.com has come out with a survey about top trends in employment for 2008.

  1. Bigger Paychecks
  2. More Flexible Work Arrangements
  3. Screening Candidates Via the Internet
  4. Rehiring Retirees
  5. Diversity Recruitment
  6. Freelance or Contract Hiring
  7. More Comprehensive Healthcare Benefits and Special Perks
  8. Career Advancement

"Recruitment and retention efforts are becoming increasingly competitive..."

January 9, 2008

Folio is on top of "job hunting in '08," especially for the tribe of scribes. Important point:If you don't keep practicing the skill of writing no amount of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, or LinkedIn will do much good.

January 5, 2008

The editor-at-large of the Seattle Times makes a case for public journalism and uses a list of practices all journalists should blazon on their laptops. Some of these include:

  • discipline of verification
  • an independent monitor of power
  • keep the news comprehensive and proportional

January 4, 2008
The New Cheery Year: Will it be good for writers, editors, and the job market? Here are some unofficial thoughts:
  • The media world (newspapers and magazines) is still in turmoil and not likely to expand staffs or departments until a successful model emerges out of their attempt to integrate with digital publishing.
  • Blogging is the new entry-level job in the digital age. If you are young, hungry and have an opportunity to blog do it and discover everything you can about digitial media.
  • The market belongs to those who know how to aggressively move in that market with solid goals and bench-marks.
  • Business, health, and real estate are still the strongest buying markets for staff and freelance writers.

Apropos the story below by Randall Stross, a CareerBuilder survey found that "hiring managers who used Web searches to research job candidates, 51 percent have eliminated a candidate based on what they found. If they searched a social networking site like MySpace or Facebook, the results were more ominous: 63 percent did not hire the person based on what they found."

In other words think of that wonderful old song, "Dear Prudence."

January 1, 2008

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