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A Staff Writer is employed by a magazine, newspaper, or web publisher to do a variety of tasks. The often advertised position, "general assignment reporter," is a good starting place for those with writing aspirations.

A reporter for a newspaper can develop any number of career paths after some experience. A few of those include writing columns, getting into copy editing, or becoming pr specialists. Some become Editors

Variations in salary depend on region. A beginning reporter at a small newspaper could start at about $18k --in a big city, it would be $25k. The average top minimum salary for a reporter with a few years experience is about $34k.

Traditional journalism is a tough field to break into, and an internship is often the best idea for recent grads—you'll gain valuable experience and make industry connections.

Three tips:

  1. Before seeking a full-time staff job, try to get some published credits, either by submitting freelance articles to magazines and papers or by working as a volunteer/intern.
  2. Keep a portfolio of your work to show editors.
  3. Don't expect to walk right into a plum writing job. Be prepared to start out as an editorial assistant or proofreader.

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Tips & Facts

Chloe asks, "What types of college courses would I need to take in order to enter into a Journalism career?"

Reporters and correspondents hold about 60,000 jobs throughout the US and Canada.

Writers and Editors from Occupational Outlook Handbook

Almost all veterans of writing staffs agree that the hands-on experience you get at a publication is more important than your degree.

Reporters need good word processing skills. Computer graphics and desktop publishing skills are also important.

Develop a "nose for news", persistence, initiative, poise, resourcefulness, a good memory, and physical stamina. Reporters encounter strange places and people and need to be centered.

Look for a mentor who takes your career seriously and can analyze the mistakes you made so you don't make them again.

David Eide
copyright 2000-2009