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Content is content. However, in online writing there are differences in how content is presented, something writers should be aware of. For instance, online publications like "chunks" of information neatly divided and linked rather than long dissertations. Plus, the online writer has to learn to use links in a creative and productive manner.

Be aware that people go online to find information and will scan a webpage looking for what interests them. It's standard practice to break up text into smaller paragraphs, to use bulleted lists when you can, and be as concise as possible.

The job environment for web writers is looking up. The mainstream media is adapting to the internet at a faster pace and are now emphasizing that part of their editorial.

Every bit of knowledge and skill you have about writing web pages, search engine optimization, and transferring files is a big plus.

Corporations are always looking for web editors and writers who can communicate with their customers and possible markets. That is an excellent place to look for online writing jobs.

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For those new to the Net or overwhelmed by the nature of the online job market I suggest you look at the Cyber Search Tutorial.There are more job boards and classifieds from metro newspapers.

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Cyber Search will show you where all the writing jobs are!

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