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Questions always come into Sunoasis about writing for magazines. It's a very dynamic industry and very difficult to break into the high profile publications.

Some of the anecdotal evidence tells us that the magazine industry is a snobby one and you move according to the reputation of your last gig.

One piece of advice: Start in the trade magazines. They are much more likely to hire a person coming out of college or making a transition from another profession. And try to define the two or three areas you want to become expert at. Make these areas your own by turning them over and over again with different stories and slants.

A staff writer at a magazine will work under the tutelage of an editor. The staff writer is expected to come up with ideas as well as accept assignments.

Unlike newspapers, magazines are published weekly or monthly to allow more development in feature stories. A staff writer could write an investigative piece one month and do an interview with a celebrity the next month.

We mentioned internships last month and a subscriber wrote in to tell us about her experiences in New York City. "In my case, I just asked! They seemed happy to hire someone who would work for practically nothing." It should be noted that the American Society of Magazine Editors has a very respected internship program.

The following is a list of the largest publishers of consumer and trade magazines in the United States. Contact these companies to get information about internships and jobs:

Busines-to-business Magazine Companies:

Source: Career Opportunities in Magazine Publishing by Ralph Monti, published by Special Interest Media

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"I am about to graduate with a BA in Sociology. I am interested in pursuing a career as a magazine staff writer. What matters more- experience or education?"

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