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Generally, the editor manages the daily operation of a newspaper, magazine, or book publishing company. Depending on the size of the organization there are a variety of editors to take on different responsibilities. Click on the links below to see the specific ways editors work in different media.

It can be a long road, filled with long hours, low pay, discouragement, and burn-out. But, the rewards are many. Editors work in a creative environment, with talented people, and get to be on the cutting edge of ideas and news. There are definite perks that go along with being an editor!

The editor provides the vision for the publication. She can see far and wide, connects the vision with a public, and keeps the content flowing in the direction of the vision.

The common path for editors is through English, communications, or journalism majors at college. The next step is tricky. Make sure your proofreading and computer skills are up to speed. If you find it hard to get into the editorial department of a publication, try the advertising and production departments. Editors come from these areas since an editor must work with both in his capacity as boss.

He should know everything that goes on at the publication. He will be responsible for hiring a staff and firing people who aren't working out. He is responsible for budgets. He must look closely at legal questions posed by stories his publication is running. He must talk with advertisers about what the publication is doing.

Many new graduates start as editorial assistants. It's been likened to a clerical position but is a chance to observe what takes places at the editor level. You could call it a mentoring position. Figure on spending two years at this level. You need to persevere through this period to step up to the next rung on your career path.

Book Editors

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Newspaper Editors

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Editors are great readers, usually have read voluminously and many still find time to read while working as editors.

National Conference of Editorial Writers
6223 Executive Boulevard
Rockvill, MD 20852

Average starting salary is $27,000
After five years: $50,000
The higher end of the scale goes from $70,000-$90,000

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