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The Editor is a high profile position in any book publishing house.

There are a variety of editors including editor-in-chief, acquisitions editor, associate editor, assistant editor, and copy editor. People in these various levels have one thing in common. They love books and love to see good books get into print.

There are questions raised these days about how much purity there is left in book publishing. Although the editor has to perform for the bottom-line she makes a concerted effort to mesh the needs of both the editorial and business sides.

Students who want to pursue a book publishing career should be warned that the first two years are tough. It's a shake-out cruise with long hours and low pay. During this period of time think about what type of editor you want to be, the size of company you want to work for, the types of books you want to edit. Ask these questions in your first two years so you are well- prepared to go the next step.

Here are a few training programs for those who would like to pursue a book publishing career. They are all recommended and each offers something a bit different.

NYU Center for Publishing
Pace University
Emerson College
University of Denver: Publishing Institute

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