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Faith asks, "I am interested in finding a job as a web content staff writer. I have a B.S. Degree in Communication Studies and have done some writing on the net. I've written for Suite101.com about Siamese cats and have had 5000 hits last month. I have also written a couple of articles for associated content.com. I just signed up with them. Where do I look for web content staff writer jobs and how do I market myself for this type of employment.

Hi Faith,

The good news is that web content writers are being hired at a rapid clip these days. More and more media is focusing its attention on the net. Your experience, especially if you know html or RSS feeds, can help you.

You approach it much as you would approach any other job. First of all, list all the areas of interest you have. Then do Google searches to find web pages to write for.

Before approaching a content site remember to have an excellent cover letter and resume that is organized around the content you've have already created. Have some URL's that can point the person doing the hiring to work you've done. Have a lot of enthusiasm for web content work, demonstrate your loyalty to this medium; study the content sites and see what they are like, try to locate information about them.

Make sure you go to all the good online job listings:

Sunoasis Jobs
Craigslist (searching in the city of your choice)

Network on and off-line by going to forums and mailing lists. Check to see if local media like magazines and newspapers in your locale have a web presence. If they do go and call on them with a smile and your portfolio. A lot of these types of web sites simply repurpose the material they have in print but they will use writer/editors to do that.

Make sure you bring a lot of knowledge of the internet into any interview or conversation you may have with those looking to hire staff. Go into search engine optimization and marketing. Talk to them about community and the difference between web writing and writing for print. Do this and you will have a leg up on the competition.

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