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Welcome to Sunoasis Jobs! We aren't just about getting job leads. We want to provide the best job leads! We aren't just about providing a pool of eager job seekers. We are about providing an excellent resource base for those looking for writers, editors, and copywriters.

Sunoasis Jobs uses the full power of the Net to bring job postings, leads, and links to connect you with a universe of opportunities. And if you are an employer, a hiring manager, or recruiter looking for writers, editors, or copywriters you have a bank of excellent prospects in your hands. Some things off the bat:

It's always a good idea to use the Reload or Refresh button on your browser if you go to a page day after day.

If you ever have any access or navigation problems don't hesitate to contact Sunoasis Jobs at sunoasis@earthlink.net

The home page is composed of easily accessed links to all the points in the site. Every page is linked back to the front or home page so if you're feeling lost just find "Home" and click it.

Sunoasis Jobs is designed to be a simple and effective interface.

There are two basic menus. One composes the home page and links to every basic page at Sunoasis Jobs. The other is on the top of each page and refers to the most requested parts of the site. These are Freelance, Media Resources, Job Postings, Job Links, and Career Development.

Job Posting
When a job is posted it goes into its own file and then is linked to the job posting page. You can use the link back to the job posting page or use the back button if you check more than one ad. It is also placed on the regional page the job is located in. If it is a special category, like freelance, it will be placed in that category as well.

You can also use the scroll window to quickly scan the job summaries. When you use the scroll window it's better to back button after viewing the full ad.

Regional Pages
Regional pages are broken down further into a directory of the largest metropolitan areas for fast and easy access. Near the bottom of every metropolitan link is a link back to the regional page to which it belongs, as well as a link back to the main jobs page.

Sunoasis Jobs links to jobs posted throughout the Web. If a job lead is found that writers will be interested in a link is developed. That's no way to imply that it is published by Sunoasis Jobs. When you click on a job lead that looks good to you, you are adding unique visitors to that page, making them and their advertisers happy. If you find a generous source of jobs in one of these databases I suggest you hit the home button and check them out further.

Media/Career Resources
The Resource page has a variety of media links that will entertain and divert as well as provide information. The page contains links to media sources throughout the world as well as a headline summary of news in journalism. The Career Development page has links to resources useful for those preparing strategies in the work world.

Don't forget to use  Cyber Search  if you want to find out how to conduct your own jobs search. It teaches how to use search engines, has links to job boards, classifieds to the best regional papers, how to make e-resumes, and more. 

If you have a service you want to advertise go to  the Classified page and look at the rates. You will  find them reasonable.  

Good luck in your search and I hope these pages help you in your quest. 



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