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Since 1997, Sunoasis Jobs has been the friendly source of job openings for journalists, journalism students, freelance writers, editors, copywriters, and those who want to write for a living. We have created a wide community of talent eager to discover new opportunity. We post, we link, we counsel using this remarkable technology.



PLEASE NOTE: Use this page to find excellent journalism and writing resources in your region and city. Thanks!

  Northeast Resources
New York; Boston/New England
  Mid-Atlantic Resources;
D.C.; Penn.; N.J.; Delaware; Maryland; Virginia; W. Virginia
  Resources in the South
N. Carolina; S. Carolina; Georgia; Florida; Alabama; Miss.; Tenn.; Arkansas
  Midwest Resources;
Ohio, Illinois; Indiana; Minnesota; N Dakota; S.Dakota; Iowa; Kansas; Missouri; Wisconsin; Michigan
  Southwest Resources;
Louisiana; Texas; Oklahoma; Arizona; New Mexico; southern Nevada
  Rocky Mt. Resources;
Montana; Idaho; Wyoming; Colorado;
Resources in the West;
California; Hawaii; N. Nevada

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Northwest Jobs;
Washington; Oregon; Alaska

Resources in Canada

International Resources

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