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Brian asks, "I am a budding free-lance writer, British by nationality and I live in central China. I am asking for some advice on how to reach editors in the US. I have had some successes in London, Singapore and in an American aviation magazine. My forte is aviation and related matters, and I also have done some stories on “day by day life on the streets in China.” ( believe me - there’s a bottomless pit of material here!) Regards , and Thanks for your help.

Hi Brian,

Generally speaking, in the U.S., editors don't advertise particular writing jobs in the freelance market. They list their magazine, tell the writers what they accept, what their rate of pay is, how long they keep the manuscript, etc. Sometimes it's all on spec and other times, when you start selling articles, you get assignments.

The best market information is on this site:

It costs $3 a month and has a very large database with all kinds of magazines and publishers you could find for your specialty. Under Aviation there are dozens, such as Air and Space Magazine, Cessna Owner's Magazine, Plane and Pilot, Aviation History and more.

If you have access to a shop that sells American books you might look for the print version of this market resource.

Once you have targeted a magazine and decided what to write about, query the editor with a spiffy letter telling him what you will write about, why you are the one who should write it, etc.

As I said, once in awhile an editor will make a call through job boards for a specific assignment. So, certainly go to these sites:
Berkeley jobs

Craigslist has many city listings; click on the writing/editing link.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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