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Sharon asks: "I am currently doing freelance writing on a part time basis in South Africa. I am very eager to break into the international market but am unsure of the formats used in business or technical writing. Is there a specific book or site with examples?"

Hi Sharon,

These books and links should help you. I don't know of any web site that deals specifically with business formats but I'm sure they exist. Look at the sites I've listed and they will probably lead to something useful.

I can't vouch for all the books but they seem like they could be helpful. Check your local bookstore or go to Amazon.com and buy them over the web if they look like they can help.


  • The Handbook of Technical Writing by Gerald Alred and others
  • Technical Writing for Dummies by Sheryl Roberts
  • Science and Technical Writing, a Manual of Style by Philip Ruebens
  • Microsoft Manual of Style of Technical Publications

Prentice Hall Style Manual/a Complete Guide With Model Formats for Every Business Writing Occasion by Mary Ann De Vries

The three master skills of business and technical writing: Create, format, edit by Walter M Lowney

Good luck in your pursuits!

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