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Steve asks: "I currently write for a sports website that has been operational for a few months. Obviously new sites have trouble generating revenue so it pays very little. I'm looking to find other freelance, full-time or part-time opportunities, preferably in online media. Are there any resources you can recommend that will help me at least find listings of available positions in this field? Thank you!"

Hi Steve,

Here are a list of sites, some more helpful than others. I included a link to a sports resume writing service.

Some of these have online jobs, especially this one.

Most of these sites put all kinds of sports-orientated jobs on them but if you pick through them you might find something. Make sure you go to normal journalism job sites. The best are:

I do come across sports writing, sports editing jobs so they are definitely out there. The best thing is to target online sites or publications, study them, orientate your resume to the specific place you want to apply. Get a writer's market book and look through those listings. Any sports team will have a website and they have plenty of writing on them. Check that out for all three types of employment. The team is usually the domain name so, for instance, the Oakland A's would be here: http://www.oaklandathletics.com or http://www.bostonredsox.com and so on.

www.majorleaguebaseball.com is a main site. Check with them. Find out if they have writer's guidelines and how to submit articles to them.

There are a lot of print publications that feature baseball and other sports. Find out who the editor is, call or write and ask for guidelines and then come up with ideas and write a query letter to them. If you buy a Writer's Market book they have a lot of information and tips about how to do freelance writing. I do recommend that.

The secret, if there is any, to getting employment is to target places you want to work, research them to go into the interview prepared, write an excellent cover letter and a resume that is specific to the company you are trying to get a job at. Have a strategy in place that you can execute over a six-month period.

Again, these sites should be useful to pick through.

Good luck with your pursuits. If you have any other question don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck in your pursuits!

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