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Nikki asks, I'm thinking about getting a job in public relations. What are usually the main aspects of a career in P.R. and do you need a lot of experience to nail a great paying position? Also, how would one go about getting experience while taking classes, so that I'd have a decent portfolio at graduation? Thanks for your help !

Hi Nikki,

Read this link from the US Dept. of Labor on Public Relations Specialists. They recommend internships as a good entry into the field.

"Many entry-level public relations specialists have a college major in public relations, journalism, advertising, or communication. Some firms seek college graduates who have worked in electronic or print journalism. Other employers seek applicants with demonstrated communication skills and training or experience in a field related to the firm’s business—information technology, health, science, engineering, sales, or finance, for example."

They mention five years as the period in which you learn the ropes. At that point you can take an accreditation exam that will get you into supervisory levels.

"Promotion to supervisory jobs may come as public relations specialists show that they can handle more demanding assignments. In public relations firms, a beginner might be hired as a research assistant or account coordinator and be promoted to account executive, senior account executive, account manager, and, eventually, vice president. A similar career path is followed in corporate public relations, although the titles may differ. Some experienced public relations specialists start their own consulting firms."

The best thing to do if you're going to school is to get attached to this organization and look for internships that could produce a portfolio while going to school.

Some excellent links that will help you:

This link is especially good.

Read the material from these links and connect with PRSSA and have fun!

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