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Melissa asks: I am looking for any advice or guidance you might have to offer on the subject of freelance writing/reporting.

At the present time I am completing my first children's book. In addition to this I have begun writing a thriller.

Most Freelance work that is listed on your site requires a Bachelor's Degree. However, I have an Associate in Science Degree plus additional schooling. I majored in Elementary Education with a concentration in Fine Arts.

I am unsure if a company who is seeking a Freelance Writer/Reporter with a Bachelor's Degree will overlook the Bachelor's Degree requirement if they see that the job seeker possesses skills or experience that are also important to the position.

What do you think? Where should I begin since I haven't worked in Freelance Writing/Reporting positions before?

Hi Melissa,

First of all, the BA requirement simply assumes that a person has gone to college 4 years and graduated in English, journalism, or communications. The degree you have is sufficient given that you can deliver what is required in any assignment. Put together a portfolio of your clips and other writings you've done and don't hesitate to apply for jobs that say they require a B.A. They are always looking for talent, dedication, and professional people who can solve their problems; ie. delivering excellent content in a timely manner.

Once in awhile you'll meet a stiff neck who'll insist on a B.A. They usually exist in the human resources department. It's better to find out who your boss will be and get your resume, clips, etc. in front of him or her.

You should understand that most freelance jobs are solicited by the freelancer herself. You want to discover all the markets available to you in your specialty, develop a universe of publications, learn how to write query letters and cover letters, and learn how to deal with editors. While some jobs are listed wanting freelance writers, the vast majority of opportunities exist in the "hidden market."

Most, not all, freelance positions that you see listed are temporary or for one project at a company or publication. If you want to go into freelance work, treat it as a business, become a sole proprietor, look on your writing as a service that you can sell to clients. Be professional and persistent and you can make money. But, it does take time to get the ball rolling.

I recommend a book by Christine Adamec called Writing Freelance. She goes over the basic components of a freelance career.

Meanwhile, apply for any freelance job you find on Sunoasis or monster or mediabistro, etc. regardless of the degree they stick up there.

Good luck in your writing and your books!

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