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Grant asks: "I was wondering if you could point me in a good direction for fact-checking jobs? Thanks!"

Hi Grant,

Apply for staff positions as researcher/fact-checker. If you have some months of experience, that's a plus.People who hire fact-checkers are usually confronted with lots of applicants who have never done it before but want to get their foot in the door. People who truly enjoy fact-checking are in the minority, because it's a demanding and little-appreciated aspect of publishing. So present yourself as a career fact-checker with experience, and see how it goes.

Find the research editor of a publishing entity and apply with enthusiasm.

This link is informative.

Fact-checkers are sometimes incorporated into copy editing or proofreading;

There are internships offered for fact-checkers. The best things to do are to consult the job listings. Here are two:

Sunoasis.com, journalismjobs.com, mediabistro.com, monster.com are all sites you should consult looking for job descriptions that incorporate fact-checking.

Sorry to say, I don't know of any job resource devoted solely to fact-checking jobs. However, this site specializes in copy editor jobs and they may list fact-checking in there as well:

You may find information on this link page.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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