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I am a single struggling Mom, and am very interested in copywriting. I have a Graphic Arts degree already, and a passion for writing, I also do fine arts. This sounds like a way to do what I love. and make ends meet at the sametime. Does this sound crazy? Or like something I should persue? Maria

Hi Maria,

Actually, it sounds crazy if you don't pursue the idea! You seem to have the right fit of graphic artist, writing, and enthusiasm. Here are some excellent links to resources that will bring you much more knowledge about the area than I can give in a short message. If you can't click these links simply copy and paste them into the browser. They have valuable information!

Copywriting Basics

Copywriting from About.com

How to become an Ad Copywriter by John Kuraoka

You might contact a local college in your area and see if they have any night classes in copywriting. One of the best things you can do is get in a group of copywriters and start asking questions and smoozing and getting to know the milieu.

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