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George asks: "In your opinion, what is the most effective method for tapping into freelance markets (besides subscribing to your excellent newsletter)?"

Hi George,

In my humble opinion the best way to do so is through these steps:

  1. Have two or three areas of expertise, where you are more conversant with a subject than the general public
  2. Find the magazines that write on the subject in one form or another
  3. Study every publication and try to get a sense of what the editors are looking for
  4. Write to specific markets. Don't write something and then try to market it. Study the market and write for it.
  5. Give your material an interesting slant. Be original and unique. That's what editors respond to.
  6. Be persistant and don't give up.

I think the most important thing is to prepare to sell to the market by doing research, developing interesting stories, etc. Most freelancers make the mistake of throwing their stuff out there hoping someone will see its mertis. It usually doesn't happen.

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