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Tricia asks, "What does it take to become an editor of a magazine or some sort of publication? I already have my bachelor's and my bilingual teaching credential. What are the typical undergraduate and graduate degrees for this position? Thank you."

Hi Tricia,

A lot depends on what your undergraduate degree is in. Usually, but not always, editors come from journalism, English, or communications degrees. They can come from other liberal arts degrees but the above mentioned ones seem to mark the people who get them as want-to-be-editors. Your bilingualism could prove to be a big plus. I would recommend trying to get into the business, first. And then if that proves very difficult, pursue an MA in journalism, English, or communications. And while in school, become the editor of the newspaper, magazine, etc.

If you have an undergraduate degree in one of those areas the best bet is to apply as an assistant editor or associate editor. There's a large learning curve since a lot of editors of magazines have to manage and coordinate people. So you need to know everything that goes on to produce a magazine.

Another great way to break -in is through internships. The two best places for journalism internships are: http://www.journalismjobs.com/Search_Results_Internship.cfm

Try to get to industry conferences and talk with editors and publishers and get known to them. Let them know what your ambitions are.

The best book I know that guides a person through a magazine career is called, "Career Opportunities in Magazine Publishing" by Ralph Monti. I recommend it. It's about $15 and published by Special Internet Media.

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