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Okay, here I go! This is my very first shot at obtaining information about a career change. I've established what my dream job would be, writing about golf; golf courses, golf equipment, etc. After going through the exercises in "What Color Is Your Parachute?" I've determined I would like to pursue a career in journalism and specifically in an area that I sincerely love, golf.

I am now embarking on gathering as much information as I can about how to make contact with writers in the golf business. I would sincerely appreciate your thoughts, assessments, tips and possible avenues in my quest.
Doug T

Hi Doug,

Sunoasis has run several ads for freelance golf writers, albeit several years ago. And I know that there is a sizeable market for golf writing even as golf seems to be declining a bit from its peak during the boom years.

The best thing is to get the e-mail addresses of golf writers when you read golf magazines and ask them you're trying to get into the business and do they have any tips for you.

I do get a golf enewsletter from this group: Off the Fringe
Cpons.com, Inc.
4611 W San Jose St.
Tampa, Florida 33629
(813) 835-5986

They might be able to provide you with some information.

Here are some tips:

  1. Immerse yourself in all facets of the industry, top to bottom. There are probably two or three specialized golf publishers who publish books for golf professionals (club pros, greenskeepers, etc.) Find these publishers! Ask for a list of their titles and start buying as much material as you can.
  2. Develop resources/ expert contact lists
  3. Get a folder and put into it the name and contact information of every editor of every publication that runs golf stories. And that would include all general sports magazines and some consumer magazines.

There are all kinds of things you can do. The two best things to do at this point are to develop clips and to research markets. You develop clips by finding some small newsletter or local paper that will run a few golfing features by you. Develop a few simple story ideas and query editors and try to get published.

Another key item is to get involved in a network of golf enthusiasts, including golf writers, but not exclusively writers. Get to know as many in the golf profession as you can.

You might find these links useful:

The Net is filled with information about golf. Try to find mailing lists that have golfers on them.

From a writing point of view the best thing is to develop a professional practice. Know how to research markets. Know how to query editors. Know how to work with editors. Learn interviewing techniques. Learn how to bill and collect money from those who owe you. Check your spelling and grammar on everything you submit.

Golf magazines hire staff writers and you have to show them something. That's why it's a good idea to develop clips. The keys for working in a magazine or as a journalist are to write well and meet deadlines; be thorough and know how to please the audience. That is what editors look for. The more background information you bring, the more success you'll have.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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