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I am majoring in management and communication in school right now and I love to write and I was interested in knowing on how a person can get a job in a magazine or work for a publishing company? Thanks, Nadia

Hi Nadia,

Most entry-level positions are assistant editor positions in publishing or magazines. One thing to look closely at are internships. These are excellent ways to make a transition into a new field. Try this link out.

There are a number of things you can do. One is to speak with personnel agencies. Scour the want ads both online and in print. Read magazines like Folio, Editor and Publisher, Columbia Journalism Review, American Journalism Review and any other publication that covers the magazine industry. But, the best way to get hired is by personal contact. If you don't know anyone, then make contacts by going to industry conferences in your area or interning at a publishing company. Don't be bashful about writing directly to the publisher of a magazine, outlining why you want to write for his publication and what qualities you'd bring. It does work sometimes.

When you design your resume focus on your career goals. Discover your transferrable skills to the magazine industry.

Focus, too, on what type of career you want in the magazine industry. On the editorial side, there are writing, editing, copy editing positions. What it takes is perseverance. Give yourself some time to make the contacts you need to make. Polish your resume and send it to every offer you see advertised. Talk to people. Go to conferences and get involved in the industry. Folio is a very resourceful place.

But I would also check those other publication, on and off-line.

In a book publishing company you'd start as an assisant editor. The first thing to do is focus on what you want to do in publishing; what your ultimate career goal is. The next thing is to commit yourself to the industry. Employers are always impressed if you are focused on a long-term goal and show a commitment to that goal. You have to be persistent and take any opportunity that comes along.

There are four basic ways to get a job. One is to fill out an application at the human resources department of a publisher. The second is to wait until you spot a job announcement in the paper, a magazine, or online. The third is to engage in the process of networking in the publishing industry. And the fourth way is to get an internship.

Of those ways, the last two are the most recommended. Internships, especially, can be very helpful. Check every publisher in your area and call them and ask them about internship programs and what it takes to get into one. The other thing to do is get involved with people in the publishing industry, especially online. Get into mailing lists and discussion groups with people who know their way around publishing and ask questions. Put yourself out there! It takes longer to find an opening this way but it's one of the better ways.

Don't get discouraged!

Here are some tips:

  1. Take book publishing courses, go to conferences, workshops, and seminars
  2. Read Publishers Weekly and get information about these events
  3. Go to the school library and find the Literary Market Place in the reference section. This contains a lot of information.
  4. Keep your computer skills up as well as proofreading skills.

The following schools are recommended.

NYU Center for Publishing
Pace University
Chicago Book Clinic Seminars
University of Denver
Publishing Institute

University of Virginia
Publishing and Communications Program

Some of these, like the Publishing Institute in Denver could be an excellent opportunity.If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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