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I am currently a student, but I would very much like to know how to get started in the writing business. How do I submit articles to magazines? what are the best sites around? Is there any way to get a job working online?? Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it. Sincerely, Andrea H.

Hi Andrea,

The first piece of advice is to get market books and read them backward and forward. The best one is Writer's Market that you can get from the bookstore or, even, the library.

When you have studied the market that is out there ready to buy your material, prepare a query letter where you spell out to the editor what you intend to do, why readers would enjoy it, and something of your background and how you will research and interview for the article. Here's a link to help you a bit more on that.

There are several excellent books to consider getting. One is "Writing Freelance" by Christine Adamec. She goes over the basics for anyone who wants to get into freelance writing.

Since you are interested in online writing I suggest two more books. One is by the Tedesco brothers and titled, Online Markets for Writers and the other is Writer's Online Marketplace by Debbie Ohi. Both these books were published several years ago but still packed with a lot of information.

Some of the better online markets are Discovery Channel Online and Salon

There are definitely jobs online. Freelance writing is one. Telecommute jobs are increasing but most online writing jobs are on site. Those are growing too.

It's a good time to be a student because the job environment is still bad. So, use the time to study facets of the writing business including, query letters, markets, rights, good resources, interviewing techniques, etc.

Study and immerse yourself until you are familiar with those terms!

Good luck in your pursuits.

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