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Jacqueline asks, "How does a writer, with no professional experience, get started? I searched through posted ads, and it seems that everyone is looking for 2-3 years experience. So how does a writer get experience if no one is willing to hire a newcomer?"

Hi Jacqueline,
You've raised an excellent question. There are several things you can do. For one, there are internships that will bring inexperienced students into a working environment and give them the experience and training necessary to start a writing career. Check this link out:

The other thing you can do is find entry-level jobs at magazines or newspapers. These do exist. Sometimes they are found through posted ads but many times you need to go to the newspaper or magazine itself and apply. At least, talk to someone at a publication about your career plans.

Two excellent places to enter a writing career are community newspapers and assistant editor positions at publishing companies and magazines.

Remember, that if you show commitment to a particular career path, the employer will much more likely train you, even if you don't have experience.

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