News Deeply is looking for a smart, passionate and committed Managing Editor to create and lead a temporary channel on Malnutrition and Stunting, devoted to in-depth coverage of this often forgotten area of global health. This is a full-time role contractor position for 10 months.

Who are we?

News Deeply builds networks of passionate communities that allow key stakeholders to engage with the most important issues in a subject area and exchange valuable insights. Our knowledge-driven platforms serve as the go-to hub for each topic, bringing together influencers in an immersive content experience that includes articles, videos, newsletters, data and research, community conversations and events.

We started with Syria Deeply and are now scaling our platform across topics in geopolitics, the environment, health, technology and other areas of special interest. Fortune 1000 companies, think tanks, philanthropies and academic institutions work with us to access our high-value audience, our proprietary information and our community- building expertise.

In a crowded, complicated world, our hubs unite communities and surface vital information and trends, helping our readers to understand and make better decisions on the issues that matter, deeply, to the state of our world.

The Managing Editor

  • Leads the editorial direction, ensuring the channel is up-to- date and meets our goal of giving users complete understanding of malnutritionissues, including childhood nutrition and stunting
  • Generates: background guides on childhood nutrition and stunting; data-driven insights and policy analysis; personal and community-based stories that ground the policy and research in ways that are approachable and personal; perspectives and commentaries from health analysts and practitioners around the world; multimedia stories with photo and video components
  • Helps oversee and manage freelance contributors.
  • Contributes interviews, analyses and reporting.
  • Works with the Community Editor to lead the development and management of a community of experts who are both users and contributors to the platform and events.
  • Increases audience engagement and traffic to site by actively assisting with social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
  • Assists with the development and delivery of events, if necessary
  • Regularly and actively contributes to an open sharing of ideas as we seek to perpetually improve our products.


  • Solid background (6+ years) in journalism, preferably at a major newspaper, website or magazine.
  • Advanced understanding of nutrition issues in the developing world.
  • Extremely strong writing and editing skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced news environment.
  • Advanced multimedia skills desirable.

Interested in applying?

Please send your CV along with a cover letter and five journalistic writing samples to jobs@newsdeeply.com

Posted 10/4.2017, Expires 11/19/2017


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