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Enjoy the following RSS feeds from Sunoasis.com!

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Simply click to the feed, copy and paste the URL into your favorite feeder.

RSS FEEDS from Sunoasis.com

  What are Feeds? Feeds simply allow a subscriber to collect her information needs in one spot. For instance, if you want a continual update on Sunoasis Joblog get the feed, subscribe it in your favorite newsreader and viola! Sunoasis Joblog will come to you as it is updated.

Feeds are usually indicated by these little buttons.


Click on them and they will take you to a feed URL that you can copy/paste into your favorite reader.

As you cruise around the Net you can add feeds as they are made available on different sites. You can also use a directory like Syndic8.

If you want to learn a lot more about feeds then go to RSS-Specifications and learn all there is to know about Feeds.

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  NewsReaders You need a reader to read feeds!

These are programs that "save" your feed and make them accessible to you so you are always up-to-date with the information you want and need. They can be on your desktop, delivered by e-mail, or on web pages. The left column contains some of the more popular feeds. If you don't find your reader you might try Subscribe ifeedreaders.com and take the sunoasis.com feed URL with you!

Most readers require a subscriber to fill out a short form, choose a user name and password. That will create an individual account where you can start organizing your information the way you want. The best advice is to start small, play around, don't be intimidated by the process, and go up the learning curve. It's relatively simple.

Others have system requirements if you download the software right to the desktop.