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Some Impressions on the War on Terrorism

What then, for the future? What then, for the first half of the 21 st century? We are not for those who want the United States to lose its stature, lose its powers in the mistaken belief that the world will be better. We know better, thank you. It's true that always a dynamic is playing itself out between those who have power and those who have none.

We don't think the U.S. acted wisely or prudently with regard to Iraq; however, had Iraq possessed the wrathful weapons in a concerted effort to give them away to any and all terrorists, then it would have been the prudent and wise thing to do. The key, then, is the intelligence in the area and how effective it is and how effective, in the long run, it will be in the "war on terrorism."

Do the people have the guts to see how awful American intelligence has been over the years?

We believe the greatest danger to the U.S. is arrogance and self-complacency. Followed by a scenario that would have the U.S. leave the world stage in a hurt pride sort of way, and creating a vacuum filled with the next great threat to humanity. And no one can predict where that would come from but it will arise.

The terrorists are a threat without question but a threat that can be contained. A new super power like China, for instance, would be harder to contain and would invariably confront of the U.S. on a number of fronts.

Posted June 16, 2004

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March 27, 2003