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Copy editors check all the written material that goes into magazines, books, newspapers, and web sites. They look for spelling, grammatical, usuage, style errors and correct them. Sometimes a copy editor is a full-fledged journalist or doubles as a fact-checker. There are instances where a copy editor has the freedom to re-write the copy to fit the style standard of the publication. They can also write headlines and captions that describe the text and photos. The copy editor can also be part of a team that helps layout the publication.

There are also Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) copy editors.

Most copy editors have a journalism or English background. They need to see themselves as the last door before the written piece goes out to the public. The good copy editor can cut out the fat in a manuscript, suggest changes for clarity, and work with a writer to produce a better product.

Copy editing requires a complete knowledge of grammatical rules, spelling, and various copy editing marks. It requires knowledge of the major style books.

Copy editing is a valuable skill to have. There is always a market for it. After some experience a copy editor can try the freelance route and take on a variety of projects.

Copy editors are esteemed members of a team that includes writers, editors, and graphic artists.

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