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On Writer's Block by Victoria Nelson was published in 1993. It's subtitled, "A New Approach to Creativity," which is appropriate since the book is a meditation on the writing process.

She details all the psychological dodges the ego comes up with to sabotage the work of the self. It's something that each writer must work out over time, in their own way. One thing she points out and obvious to anyone with experience: What you are productive in shows you the way to go. Don't fight your productive self. If you have a hard time writing a novel but literary essays flow effortlessly from you, something is trying to clue you in.

She can be overbearing at times but, in the essence of it, strikes the right chord. One reason for her insights is the fact she's an accomplished writer herself.

You don't have to have writer's block to enjoy this book! You only need to be curious about the creative process in the act of writing.

If you have any suggestions about books that have helped you in your writing life don't hesitate to tell us!

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