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WORDBIRTH, a column by Jack Karasch

Words are histories among other things. Words pass through persons who are no more, through events long forgotten, through objects that one can find in obscure museums in the back-streets of Prague.

Large books can be written that trace out the seed of a word, through all its acts, dead roads, surprising turns, infusions, and dissipation through time.

So, we've enlisted the help of an expert to help us along in this adventure: Jack Karasch. Jack just got back from India and Nepal. I wonder if there is a word for, "American gets chased up tree by Indian Rhino?" At any rate, Jack has traveled the world and brings a lot of experience to this column.

Jack is a New York native and grew up on Long Island, in Santa Barbara, CA, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Scuba diving expeditions have taken him throughout the Caribbean, Fiji, and Egypt's Red Sea. Other latitudes visited include Greece, China, Turkey, and most of Europe, as well as much of North America.

Publication credits include short fiction, poetry, newspaper articles, a historical novel, Delta Golden Days, and a science-fiction novel, Pheromone 2100. A new novel, Hotel Hippocampus is now available from PublishAmerica.

Read excerpts from Pheromone 2100 by clicking here.

Get in touch with Jack Karasch at jackarasch@juno.com

This month, the words are:

Ice Cream
Minstrel Show

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Hope you enjoy Wordbirth!

David Eide

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