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A Little Political Meditation

The central question today is, 'what is a free man or a
free woman against the background of machines, bureacracies, money schemes, and thousands of cameras pointed in a thousands directions?

And certainly, free men and free women build, maintain and use machines and occupy bureacracies and use their freedoms to engage in many money schemes and are often amused and stimulated by what they see through a camera.

But, then, what is the free man or free woman?

We ask this question since we are not satisfied with the status quo, with the density of objects and time that has brought things this far, to OUR TIME: where the alienation in a liberal democratic society is at a dangerous point, where the distrust toward the political class is at an all-time high, where the citizens are treated as mere fodder for the gain of others.

How, then, does the citizen free himself of the entanglements of power and find his truest freedom?

How does the man or woman do this without falling off the edge of the universe?

What would this man or woman do if they found their 'true freedom'?

David Eide
copyright 1997
November 3, 1997