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I admit that I don't get the continued appeal of Bill Clinton. We say this as Mr. Clinton moves through California in an attempt to rally support for the hapless Gray Davis.

He orchestrated one the more egregious bubbles in recent memory in the late 90's. It is ironic that the bubble started just about the time he met his young harlot. When you think about it there was a kind of justice being played out. At the beginning of the Clinton Presidency it was well-known that a power struggle broke out between Hillary and Al Gore, the Vice-President. Hillary won that struggle and took her husband by the painful parts and led him into a drifting, advocacy area that was rejected by the people in 1994. It was only after Hillary was humiliated by the health-care debacle that she loosened her grip on the poor man. Then the competent David Gergen and the nefarious Morris moved in to pull Clinton to the glory-hole of all American politics, the economy of the middle-class. "There is the pot of gold," they said. And they were correct and Clinton, a voracious political animal, rushed to the spot and rutted. And free of Hillary's grasp he then consorted with the young harlot who, even at that moment, had books and TV on her mind. And it wasn't the Leaves of Grass she was thinking about. The President must have been feeling pretty good in those days. He must have been swooning. He had the dream-thrill of every aging sexual animal. It's our humble opinion that the bubble began there and just blew itself wider and wider until the people were in a dream state. All poets understand the relation between the thoughts and feelings of the leader and the effect it has on the people they rule. It's muted in a grand pinball machine like the United States but the President is going to have an effect anyway.

"They were asleep in the pleasure of the Moment," some future historian was heard to say. Yes, we were there, not quite asleep but not quite alert either. After all, no one told us that we were at war with terrorists. And China was sleeping in the secret chambers of the dreamed-out White House. And the CEO's and accountants were sleeping with each other. And the Martha Stewart corn-pone was a mask for high-level manipulations. And the millionaires are now washing plates at Joe's diner. And Joe is going to have to work until he's 85 since his stock portfolio took a dive.

It's not all Clinton's fault but his character flaw was the social flaw; the flaw of a whole generation. Pleasure in the Moment and don't think twice. This is the mucky epoch we struggle from. It is an epoch that has buried its dreams in the Pleasure of the Now. And even with the buildings falling, the stocks plummeting, the CEO's indicted, the jobs lost, the confidence rattling; Clinton is looked on with the starry-eyes of a semi-drugged population. At the very least learn some of the lessons created by the bubble-era.

And we agree with his stance on the recall. And the current office-holder often makes Clinton look like a genius. But, that's for another time.

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We contemplate the playful make-believe that both political parties have disappeared and we are on a kind of isle of the blessed, in the lair of Circe eating her Lotus, dreaming up a new political reality.

"And so," the future historian was saying, "in those days, they had the choice between the the dreamy Eloi who were afraid of the machines, and the sinister, slender-brained ones who had everything all figured out."

Posted September 15, 2003

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