A Journal Discovered Among the Papers of Thomas Kjar  


When I think of institutions I think of what memory they have produced. When thinking, for instance, on business or politics, bad memories are produced. I think of speeches no one meant to say. I think of gleaming buildings filled with devils. But when I come to entertainment I have memory of some sickness passed through the intestinal regions of the being. What memory has opened some undiscovered potential in myself?

Even the so-culled 'good films' are so sentimental and meaningless that it feeds the desire to escape to some wonderful island filled with mangos and brown bosoms.

When I hear a fundamentalist preacher ranting against the sins of Hollywood I don't raise a voice to protest.

It is the sleaziest, manipulative, exploitive thing in creation. There are moments when thresholds are crossed and you can hardly restrain yourself.

About the only thing you can say is 'keep your game out of my backyard' I really don't recognize what in the world is coming out of these places.

For 15 years or so I have watched movies, TV, have listened to radio and so on and the fare seems to get worse and worse. There is no more shock value, no more bestiality, no more junk which is slicked up and passes as art of some kind that I care to look at.

The fantasy behind it is perverse, is absolutely chilling in its effect on creativity. It destroys all value. It panders and lies about reality and pits itself against anything which is good in nature.

There is nothing which redeems it. And it is organized! The people in and around it are sleeze-shits and 3rd rate. They have the gall to milk the gullible public and then want to be treated as demi-gods.

When future historians begin to pick the bones of this culture they can start at the 'culture industry.'

A lot of writers have to be blamed for it. Some writers have degenerated to the lowest common denominator from whence they have never emerged.

October 1, 2002
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