A Journal Discovered Among the Papers of Thomas Kjar  


I understand the surface things; the general history, the major institutions, its regions, its major decisions and so on.

But, why it exists is beyond me. Well, it exists to fight Hitler's, Tojo's, communism, and terrorism.

But is there anything beyond that? And what about all these other cultures? What about the writings of antiquity, the paintings of the Renaissance, the architecture of the middle-ages, the ziggurats and pyramids of the Near East and Meso-America? What about language, technology, science? What is the nature of invention? What, really, are these things?

It was one of those days when I have noted some difficulty. Then, a sudden awareness that I had to change some things.

At a certain moment I perceived that the outward had lost all semblance of meaning.

Yet, action dominates thought; and thought becomes bitter.

In an unliterate society the word gains enormous potency.

Outward now means to take care of essentials; stay out of other peoples conflicts. If you are dedicated the work will get done.

October 1, 2002
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