A Journal Discovered Among the Papers of Thomas Kjar  


The guy who Bolar pointed out to me, who works in another office but who I pass each day has, Bolar explained, "a sensitive nature." I suppose that could mean anything. I know that he sits there and reads books at his desk when he's in a funk. No one can get him to work. No one can fire him. I would tell him to be patient and let the blows of the world subside before giving in altogether.

That 'sensitive' nature can get maudlin and bogged down in its own private wounds. It can become obsessed by what it emerges through; gets bitter when it is able to reflect and sees the stupid influences that has danced magic around it to lure it out of its essence.

The son comes to know himself through the father.

The treasures, the boons of the father, the reality of the father is greater than imaginary things conjured at some distance and under various circumstances.

Television has had a very feminizing influence on society.

Literary criticism has had a feminizing effect on culture. The culture itself is being feminized because the demand for physical labor is diminishing. The great physical projects of the past such as colonization, western migration, revolution, civil war, world wars, railroad building and so on are over. Machines have replaced them. Men are searching these days preciously because of the machine; because the machine and science in general has made so many traditional functions of men obsolete.

In the long run the planet may be better off but the transition can be quite hard.

You need to get over the stereotypes in order not to be conditioned by them and so made serious and backward.

And unable to move freely in the world as a free man or woman should.

August 30, 2002
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